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Out of them now i saw an interview with maria sharapova the other day and she's got a book out and sharipova said that in some ways this suspension has really helped her because she said nagging injuries she was mentally burned out don't be surprised if maria sharapova has a big year in the grand slam events in 2018 i would not be surprised if she wins at least two of them i would not be surprised also hillis bury your than the us open they'll go into the fourth row more lucid it's very that was my first major tournament match the appointed a few turn tulips had the in a wildcard the aid got the attempted which some players were upset about linking to let some on health each should be able to beat if you're number two ranked player in the world if lee a little beat maria thera poll of no matter what route you meter at fnb still you know sabana healthy you knew that i guard pede workers that also another name the watch some who's proven that she could be a giant layer so let's see what steps up or is it going to be the year of serena and venus he ended the also he may have one more korea i would love to see lead us win one more grand slam it surely thought he would win the us open after the feel kind of cleared out i thought she was going to beat swelled stevenson simblet light well even wimbledon i thought she had a really good chance at but of course the next grand slam event isn't until after the first of the year now done under so we get some time but it was good to see four americans in the final four on the women's side all adult we haven't seen for quite a while her siamese stevens of course one medicine keys look good but but the the thing is can these women get consistent i think you have.

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