ROY, World War, Putin discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Breakfast what he can becher s are not going to have cheerios norway no you can get an exclusive competence of jewelry on he wants a tax cut exactly who this time you think he's running the show explicit roy uncensored was from property home entertainment yeah yeah yeah yeah to going back to the phones bilman patiently waiting and i appreciate that we're going to go to santa monica next this is abc news thank you sir i'm glad you waited what's happening what's up rocket ship an honor and a privilege and better yet a luxury to speak with you thank you sir appreciate that no problem and i would like to offer um based on the world war to issue even about i'd like to offer on behalf of my ground of bread the admiral who is no longer whip i'd like to offer you at world war two navy veteran kiddo good for you thank you sir yeah i hope this darn android on doesn't get hacked by putin before i a at to the information i called out i think android phone what kind of foreigners yeah.

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