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Trying to figure out why a rail yard technician shot and killed nine people at his job before killing himself. We're learning more about the suspected shooter, Sam Cassidy, his ex wife, who he divorced back in. 2005 says Cassidy had a bad temper and told her at times he wanted to kill people at work. Neighbor of Cassidy calls him of lonely, strange and someone who wouldn't say anything back when someone said a simple Hello, Fox's Jeff Paul, there's a visual for the victims this evening. President Biden's job approval rating 54% in the latest Fox poll. 46% of respondents think he's too liberal, 47% said. He wants to spend too much money, American said. The economy and the virus are the most important things facing the country. And as for what is threatening our stability pull, respondents said political division is the number one threat, followed by unemployment, decaying infrastructure. And racism boxes. Jessica Rosen call America's listening to talk to me. A Hoover man accused of making homemade cancer treatment. Drugs gets to go to prison for 30 months 54 year old Charles Bishop pleading guilty to the charges between 2015 and 2016 Bishop purchased manufactured labeled and marketed a non FDA approved drugs that purported to treat any disease, including cancer. A former E. M, a director for Dale County, now facing a felony theft charge, Kurt McDaniel was confronted last month about $10,000 worth of checks from the county's emergency medical services. That he spent on personal expenses make. Daniel resigned from his position as E. M. A director around four months ago, A nearly a dozen strikers arrested this during a demonstration at the warrior met Coal mine in Brookwood, the United Mine Workers of America, saying 11 members were charged with trespassing. The walkout started in April after the contract talks failed. I'm Leah Brandon. And this is Alabama's morning news Now back to your host. Here's J T r eally. Thank you. It is 6 34 As we get ready for Memorial Day weekend and get your wallet out. If you're gonna be traveling gas prices here we go. No sticker shock at the pump once again 34 million drivers by the way expected to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend facing the highest gas prices since 20 14 Yeah. Mm hmm. Warning from Triple A. Even though things have stabilized after a pipeline Cyber tech few weeks ago, the national average now tops three bucks doesn't look like it's slowing down at all, either. In fact, it's a dollar seven higher than this time last year. That's just nuts, isn't it? Other experts say. Oil production just hasn't made a full recovery to pre covert levels yet, So if you gonna be riding around, get your wallet out, no doubt about it. Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, this kind of wraps up another. Some kids in school still In other parts of the country. Some kids are already out in parts of the country, including around here. But now Forbes just came out with their annual list of the best employers for new grants. All right, listen up. Companies were judged on such factors as safety of work, environment, competitiveness of compensation, opportunities for advancement, effectiveness of diversity and inclusion, efforts and some other things as well. Here's your top 10 places to work Grads. If you're looking for a gig, ICO lab Costco came in at number nine help at home, not familiar with that company. Hard rock international, apparently pretty good organization there. Phillips, Trader Joe's University of Alabama. How about then? Here in Birmingham? You maybe they is number four on the list on forms. That's pretty impressive there. Also University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Southwest Airlines at number two if you're looking for a job grads And Merck and company comes in at number one Dad, you ain't being popping up on the list. Some good news there kind of a crazy story here, but good news story. Matt Jenkins. Is a dad in New Jersey. And he's got a second chance at life after surgery to remove a brain tumor. Apparently he'd been ignoring this bump on the back of his head for years. He says he first noticed it when he hit his head after Painting and a group from the size of a marble to about the size of a tennis ball. Well, you would think I mean, I need to get this checked out. Well, he ignored it. Even grew his hair out, hide it and ignored advice from his friends and family to get it checked out, But eventually he listened. A woman he was dating. Who's a nurse? Melanie Miller felt the bump and insisted he get an M R I to find out what the heck's going on here. Well, the next day he did. That's when the doctors told him he had been ignoring a brain tumor that it started to protrude from his skull. Surgery to remove it came with risks. But Jenkins didn't suffer any of them. Tumor was benign, and he was out of the hospital four days later and has a whole new lease on life probably saved his life. Nice job nurse on the way we're gonna be checking in with Michael Reagan, who is the son of President Ronald Reagan and the founder of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. And they're per project They're working on right now. Walk away to victory. So we'll get the update on what this is all about with Michael Reagan.

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