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The european council yesterday he asked president trump to appreciate their allies saying we europeans are your allies and you don't have many around the world so that was oversee a little dig president trump but today he's kind of doubled down donald trump is saying rather donald tusk is saying the donald trump should not be underestimated he is systematic consistent and has a method to undermine what the european values are in respect to the transatlantic relations so they're worried that the alliance is being demeaned disrupted and denigrated i guess they're worried president trump could even pull some support and us involvement in nato itself i think they're worried about that i think more importantly inside europe they face challenges to the democratic rules and norms that have grown and strengthened the system and they watch in the united states as president trump poses challenges to an independent judiciary in the united states and independent media in the united states and it is these democratic values that differentiate us from countries like russia and countries like china and that has made a strong over these seventy years and have made this a great democratic alliance and if the united states doesn't do its historic job of standing up for those values and defending them and being the beacon of them not just in the transatlantic space but around the world then europe is going to have to do that in our absence and that's a big job is this one actually the united states hasn't wanted you to do hasn't wanted it to create its own army in in europe on its own military i wonder just to sort of further what you would just saying about what the president needs to do to make it stronger when he meets putin you did write an oped in the new york times saying that often these summits the nato on the halls helsinki he will either restore american global leadership or kill it off i mean those are strong words i said yes and so what is your prediction today i can't predict i'm quite worried i had hoped that president trump would come into this nato summit still being firm on the need for allies to meet their defense spending commitments that's important but also taking some positive credit for the fact that every single nato ally is now increasing its defense budget that they felt the threat increased since the russians went into crimea and they're all doing more and then encouraging them in a positive way i had hoped he would also take credit for some of the affirmative things that secretary mattis has led increasing nato readiness increasing the ability for forces to move in fact the united states is contributing strongly to the nato mission in poland and in eastern europe and he trump could use that in his meeting with putin to say come back into compliance with the imf treaty that you are violating get out of ukraine let's settle syria in manner that doesn't hand it to assad and iran but instead he seems to think that meetings going to be easy and this is the one where he should be you know making all these strident comments so i just think he's missing an enormous opportunity to gain he squandering an opportunity to gain leverage gain power for the united states with the.

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