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Once you lose a series of matches tell us that you lost the time. Title. There's a pickup truck accident that's involved in this two story tell tell so that there's a little bit of controversy about that. Isn't why was scheduled to wrestle Jack Brisco and I had a pickup truck accident. We were moving cattle from across my father's rants down to the creep through it chasing kennel. And I ran a pickup truck right off into the creek and into the steering wheel messed up. My forehand missed of my neck. So I had to cancel out of a match with Jack Brisco, and they were scheduled for Houston, Texas, and nobody knew I was going to. Wind up in a car accident. But I did so that caused problems that I didn't show up in Houston to face, Jack, Brisco and everything was held up. I was unable to wrestling till I went back into rain, and that was scheduled highly rice. And that's where drops the end of the world heavyweight championship to Harley were there. People behind the scenes, we're talking about thirty promoters, thirty companies thought that you worked the drug accidents. Title. You know? I can't change those thirty promoters minds. Joel gone now and everything is new and everything is different. I've had the privilege of traveling and working like you have in Japan and head. I want wanna be sound like I'm bragging, but had huge success success as you know, yourself to. But it was a matter of figuring out a working style that the Japanese people believed in and it was very very hard. Because you go in the ring, and you do your best, and you know, there's total silence. I want you have to realize what I realized right here. The silence is because people are listening. Isn't that because they're disinterested? Yeah. When I go to Japan, and you go to the ring remember thinking my first one ninety one and thinking like do I sunk? Yes. This must be terrible. But then you realize rare watching studying listening appreciating what you're doing there watching every move. And I realized that some of the people I were there as professional wrestlers on the same tours didn't realize and quieter, the people got the more than parents more. They'd rake your is the more they'd reach a bull out again. And they only got total. Silence. LA? Have you have to understand it? We'll be talking about this earlier about how many times you've been to Japan. How many times do you think you've gone Haiti times, which is so incredible? Because I'm sixty and someone said to me, do you think you're the guy is the most trips that have any Dory's? Maybe Hanson butcher. But to go that many times, you gotta be good. You know, because like you said those fans they're not going to settle for a sub par performer worker some they don't believe in. They're not going to settle for that anywhere. These old right? Right to get invited back to Japan that many times over would you first tour that you did Japan sixty nine that's fifty years ago. Fifty years of Japan. Can remember the matches was and Joni Lee Nokia, very famous wrestler over there giant baba? Seiji second hoochie. Maybe I know, you know. Yeah. Sure. When you first learned sixty nine what was the company called was. It was Jeff Han pro wrestling and Inoki and baba fame company. Yes. You go there in each had an individual television station. He no key at his television station. Bob ahead. His television station, you're sitting in the dressing room. Yes. Individual contracts. Yes. And somebody who coming over and say, what can you do for Nokia, you don't whom he'd run out? And then someone else had come over and say, what can you do for Mr..

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