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Lastly, we have about a minute remaining. Vince Ellison you've written about looting, riots obliterated the arguments against gun rights. When I go to AA gun shop, and I love my little Betsy, I got my 3 80 I got my p 2 38 I got my got my p Ah 9 30. I love my little weapons. I go there I seem or more black folks buying guns and ammunition and especially black females. How can you liberals say on one hand give up your guns and on the other hand to find the police It's crazy once, just tell me this body on brains out, right? Yeah. Your freedom to defend yourself isn't on a noble right. It's giving you a god. When these young folks walked right, we're not free. We're not free. They need to re John Locke contribute government. This says that your freedom isn't on a little ride given you by God. It is irrevocable. It is non transferrable. It is not infallible. One of those freedoms is the freedom of self defense. And you see why the theory is correct. And I saw that never loved seeing him in my lifetime. I never thought I'd live with you today. Elected officials in America would tell the police to lay down and not respond and allow mob and looters to go through right killers and kill Americans until the police doesn't defend them. This is why the Second Amendment is so important. The founders knew that that would be a day in America, where you would have an element in power that would tell the police They will demand that they do not defend the American people, and you have to always defend yourself. This is not minority report what Tom Cruise would jump through the window and know when a crime's going take place. 95% of all crimes have taken place by the time the police get there. Therefore, you must defend yourself and any man that gives up his right to defend himself. Has decided to make himself asleep. And this is why I now you see, And in the city today, this is Tokyo going on what they do for us today, this on the citizenry, Then they're deep on the police. Then listen in the brown shirt, and then they take all of the city and local government and then they spread it to the city, and that's how they took over the country. Mrs Marston, someone.

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