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But yeah, I did not into Speight that. Because it wasn't X rated right. That kind of movie so that was a little uncomfortable. It's funny. So anyways, we do not have Bobby Bobby voice that scene. We have voice. Okay. So that's going to do it for this podcast special. Thanks to Jeff Sherman. And we will have like I said the NBA play-off podcast on Thursday. And honestly, there's nothing better than the first round the playoffs. Well like every day in the NBA season. And when we do that I round of the playoffs podcast on Thursday VAT, as when we're gonna unveil who it is the one a couple of t-shirts, he's still have a few days left. Yes. Oh my gosh. I forgot days left to get your pictures in at Doug ESPN. If you got pedicures send along a picture of it with a receipt or a newspaper or something showing that it did. In fact, happen sometime either this weekend or over the beginning of the week. All right. I'm so glad you brought that up Dopp. I'm embarrassed. I should've talked about at the top of the show. I have a we have a winner. So far. Whereas gentlemen, coral good to see you Karl sent a picture in with the like, the the pedicure photo and receipt, circling the date. So Carl will be getting a shirt shirt in the mail. Very very, nice and. Reading his direct message also had UVA over Texas Tech for plus five hundred of matchup kind of thing before the final full. Yeah. So nail that five to one good thing. I didn't respond when he was asked me as it worth hedging, so. I did it on purpose. I wanted you to handle that so Carl in Denver. Nice pedicure. Nice t shirt and nice winter on the ticket. They're so well done, and I've I've really enjoyed the pedicure love it little buzz that we've been created. So I think people are a little we'll take him back when I'm like tweeting about like gambling odds and like some of the tournament game. And then a picture of guys deal big deal. Big deal the sentiment. I got t shirts to send you appreciate. Everyone's loyal listenership and also loyal viewership on the show getting a lot of positive feedback. We appreciate it from everyone. All right. That's going to for this pot again Thursday and Dopp said still plenty of time to send in your pedicure photos.

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