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Me. Seedy star billing legend today at the Jeep celebration of an experience. Open air freedom of Jeep compass available. Panoramic dual-pane sunroof, where attorney, FCA lessees get a low mother on the twenty nineteen Jeep, compass latitude four wheel drive for one forty nine a month for thirty six months with four thousand ninety nine hundred signing tax, title, license extra. Call one eight nine to five Jeep for details. Requires contributions, US curly by six thirty twenty twenty five charging twelve thirty thousand residency restrictions apply kicked seven one Jeep is a registered trademark of FCA US this summer. Cricket wireless doesn't want you paying too much for gasoline or your phone Bill. Stop by cricket stores this weekend. And enter to win part of over six hundred thousand three guests for letting the folks at cricket see if they can save you money on your wireless Bill today. Cricket along Long Beach boulevard and comfort in power dot com forward slash cricket for other locations. Portion, apparently my banana boat sunscreen, you know, rainy days won't stay so visit Amazon dot com to order your banana, boat, sunscreen, banana, protect you from the sense you could say yes to outdoor. Fun injured in an accident. The Barnes from attorneys are standing by twenty four seven called the barn sperm now. She Jacoby Mayes dot com is where you need to go. If you've been hurting accident, call eight hundred nine nine to, to, to, to say metro T mobile at the best deal in wireless, and it's all for you often me just switch quickly 'cause metro has to Lance eighty and to Samsung galaxy j seven stop bones for free. Plus Amazon prime included. That's the way while it should be only admit tro, plus sales tax evasion fifty dollars plus replaying acquired Valter numbers currently on T mobile network on metro and past ninety days. Offer subject to change. Offer valid for new Amazon prime members. Amazon prime has a twelve ninety nine per month. Restrictions apply. See store for details and terms and conditions. Good morning. You've probably had quite a day. Already loud. Family Lau commute. Loud, co-worker chewing gum loudly. Loud radio ads but not this one, we're speaking quietly, because we're asking you to save energy by doing things like switching to LED light bulbs, using power strips or lowering the volume like us because at all adds up this not loud. Radiohead, brought to you by energy upgrade, California. Keeping golden. Seti more from candy mornings inviting all basketball fanatics. This Sunday to the second annual WSF's summer slam festive vent..

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