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Wilder and the kind of the way they used to play off each other, you know, and that, you know, that's that's just you know, he was such a big influence on the movie, but then like on the comedy the amount of comedians that would you know, basically harkened back to him as one of the major influence huge know, I I kind of thought what he survive nowadays like he's got such a questionable past that he seems to be held up what you could be someone like Cosby's like, you know, you live long enough dead. They kind of find you. He definitely wasn't a wasn't a choir boy. That's for sure. Yeah, and that's I think maybe that's maybe the problem with modern comedy because I think the great Comics, you know are damaged and like it's kind of the same thing with Fox and foxes. You never to get a great boxer who grew up red, right? It's you know, it's it's the poor guy that's becomes the great boxer and I think it's the same with comedy. It's it's the person who's really Then wrap, you know just gone to the mill because like comedies one of the way of dealing with running to the meal but you think that you can't be a good comic. No, I think she can be a good comic but to be a great comic where do you sit Michael McIntyre then he's not my cup of tea to be honest. I can I can I can respect what he does. But at the same time it's it's anybody could be doing it, you know, like and I don't mean that in the wrong way, but it's all it's all other stuff and it and it just, you know, he's not my cup of tea anyway to begin with But then my my problem is I grew up with Vietnam vets and their humor is so dark. But for me kind of like dark humor was almost the norm, you know, and and because my dad's attitude was like well if you're not going to laugh about it, you're going to be crying about it, you know, so that's kind of money, you know, and I think Richard Pryor came from that same type of mentality that if I'm not laughing about it, you know, it's going to destroy me. Yeah, but it's definitely like I find a lot of comics they they use the stage as a kind of a a free therapist sometimes. Yeah, which I think the only problem is that No One Believes a single word that they say on stage that they they open up their life and they walk off that was so funny that happened to me. Yeah, I think there's those type and I also think there's there's I use the term comic in quotations off. That think that stage is for them to be a preacher, you know to just to get across their message and that's what they they do it as long.

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