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Yeah. I owe some credit to everyone in the building, or this is the honor to be a part of the Patriots. This experience was really one of a kind beyond gratefully thanks. Devin, he thanks Adrian Phillips, thanks, Matthew slater, says the Patriots have a spot in his heart forever. So for the players hate playing for the Patriots crowd, Adrian Colbert didn't. And he's a guy who likes to have fun. I mean, he's streaming video games all the time. Check that out. The other way. I'll give you another cut from around the league that I find hilarious. Remember when the dolphins were supposedly going to sign David Andrews and then they even met with them and then they didn't get them and they settled for Matt scoring instead? Yes. Guess who just got caught? Yeah, I saw that as well. So the dolphins who are supposed to be there, they let cars go. They didn't finish a deal with Andrews. Scores sucked last year. I don't know why they thought he could be the starting center. I mean, remember the bolt east with Baltimore last year. If you don't know what I'm talking about, remember the snaps in that Baltimore game against space rights. And Miami now with to a back there who's not exactly the most durable player, they don't have a starting center . That's kind of big. So week one, the dolphins are probably gonna have a new starting center. So that, you know, kind of pick for the Patriots. Good news, because that's a good segue into this edge group for the Patriots, which is just ridiculous, right? And we've seen it all training camp all preseason everything and the dolphins are gonna have to set protections and get the mic points all checked out with a center that they were not planning on rostering or at least not planning on starting this year. That's good news for the Patriots. Now, the question here, and this is probably one of the biggest questions going into cut down day for Bill Belichick and the Patriots is what happens with chase one of itch. He's easily the most besides maybe Nikhil Harry..

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