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To to protest after George Floyd's death is the military involved in surveillance on American intelligence agency says absolutely not the question came up after a D. I. A. employee asked about it during a virtual town hall the central focus of concern was an internal coordination group set up at DIA to answer questions about threats from any possible action by foreign militaries to intensify or manipulate the protest D. I. A. spokesman James Cutler dispelled any ideas of the agencies involved in domestic surveillance saying our capabilities are focused squarely on foreign threats to the nation JJ green WTOP news a statue of Christopher Columbus in Richmond has been torn down by protesters it was set on fire and then submerged into a lake news outlets report that figure was toppled less than two hours after protesters gathered last night by protesters using ropes a sign that reads Columbus represents a genocide has taken its place the navy is joining in the marines banning the Confederate flag from all public spaces in work areas it includes navy installations and ships aircraft and submarines the chief of naval operations said that the order is meant to ensure unit cohesion and to uphold the navy's core values of honor courage and commitment displays of the Confederate flags have also been banned on marine corps base says well the U. S. Air Force has a new chief on this vote the yeas are ninety eight the nays are zero in the historic nomination of general Charles Q. brown junior as the United States Air Force chief of staff is confirmed by US president Mike pence there presiding over the Senate when it confirmed the first black officer to leave one of the nation's military services brown is a fighter pilot who most recently served as the commander of US Pacific Air Force as a capital.

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