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Is to six in the AM when the AllState skyline studio just as there, if you dial us up at three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred Rogers in the newsroom. You can't dial him. We can. But then it rings on the air, then he thinks what is this? And that's big. If there's an emergency, just call Justin show pitch. She'll throw something at me. Interesting text here. Oh. Doc from Casey now deduct early new assignment because I got a text earlier. But I thought that was from dumb and Kansas City. Hold on one second. Because we got a text. I didn't get to earlier Jerry. So we're getting all these texts from Kansas, Kansas. I don't if they're streaming or just tune in because I bet you can get pretty clear, downing I think right now we can't Jerry wrote much earlier. Hey, Matt us down here in Kansas wanna know if you have an arc we can borrow they had a tornado touchdown early, because I go to Kansas City diesel mount we've got a lot of clients down there for the company and I love going to Kansas City. I love the airport. It's the tiniest little airport. The people that live there, hate that airport say, I love your port. They hate it. Because if you have to fly there regularly, it is tiny, get out, which I love because it's like the complete opposite of, of O'Hare, right? And you get there. And like, you know, I've got TSA pre check which like makes they don't even have a separate line. They hand you an orange card so you can show that you're actually TSA's you're going through. So you don't take off your shoes. You still have to stand with two other people generally. I mean it's rare that there's like a real wine going. Okay. It's very nice. But then once you get through the gate. It definitely wasn't an airport that was built for post nine eleven America. Gotcha. It was. Because once you get through, there's no restaurants or anything like all, that's before TSA. It's a very tiny little place. And so they're trying to put more stuff in and they've actually just passed, like a billion dollar bomb. They're going to renovate and rebuild the airport. So it'll be cool ten years from now. Well, so you know what you have to do now, Mr. things the way they were well, no, I do like improvements to you have to start taking a lot of pictures of the city. Okay. Yes, I will start doing okay. By the way, did I mention this two weeks ago? I'm all over the place taken apart. The whole bag is almost gone. I mean it is open like you can see through the building. Big portions of that building now not the tower itself, because at flan marked by, but the old w in the building, right? The parking lot and the front part by our old WGN radio writing the one that was like ripped ripped open. Yeah. I can't wait till that thing is done though. I I'm saving tiny I wanna buy a condo there, so bad. I know you do. Okay. Okay. Gone fancy at airport. Yeah. Now I'm really like I gotta take by. Okay. Kansas City they had a tornado and I found out about it because on Twitter somebody said that it can to the airport. They were telling people they were forcing people like down into tunnels are taking cover at the airport, which is crazy. And so I texted a good buddy of mine who was out of town, but he said they didn't have any damage, but he said, another friend of ours, who works at a company down there did have some damage on his. Property from it. That was pretty crazy. I've got a friend who used to work in radio in town fact, used to work WGN longtime ago is a few years older than me and he teaches at a university, there, probably just outside Kansas City, but I, we're friends on Facebook. So when that tornado came through the storms in the tornado and everything came through he was posting like crazy, you know, all the stuff and everything. And so I was following through that. But yeah, it's the rash of tornadoes over the last couple of weeks, three or four weeks has just been mind bogg-. Seriously? And I spent in everybody's like, oh, when it when it's warm global L this no no, no no mobile climate change means that things are going to get crazier. We're going to have more intense hurricanes. We're going to have wetter maze. We're going to have more tornadoes, that is the more and I haven't read enough on. To know. But I know that they say that it's not about, oh, it's just getting hotter. It's the rising temperature is going to create greater variations in our weather patterns in problems in that way. I think we were way ahead of it when you had the, the person on about the, the moving of the magnetic poles, and I think that has a lot to do with two. Well, that's interesting. Roger, that's very.

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