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All Right? Hello and welcome to A. Friday. Oh I love it when we make it to the end of the week. I was GONNA. Say unscathed, but there's nothing unscathed about what we're all going through right now. All right well, it is Friday and today's the day. I have been looking forward to for quite some time because as you know over the last. Month or two I've spoken with former Alabama. Governor Don Siegelman on a few occasions I've also been reading his new book. The book is called stealing our democracy. How the political assassination of a governor threatens our nation and let me tell you it does indeed it does. I finally finished reading the book last night. And I it made me cry. Because what happened to a really good man should never have happened to anybody in this country it is. It is a travesty and even bigger travesty perhaps is that this story has not been screamed from the rooftops in every city around the nation now i. When this happened to Don Siegelman during that time I was doing talk radio here in south Florida then I moved to Air America where we covered this incredulously and as much as I remember most of the details most of what happened as this all went went by reading the. And reading a governor Siegelman a explanation of what happened. Just. Seeing all the behind the scenes maneuvering and what was done to this man is. Just reprehensible, it makes me so angry, and and so I, invited, the governor backed today to really go in depth into his story, because we've heard it in bits and pieces and bits and spurts, and the book lays it all out I want you to buy the book. It is officially released this coming Tuesday. It's available for preorder, and all those usual places but you must read this book and stick around. Because Governor Siegelman will join us in just a couple minutes We got a little bit of news to take care of and I want to play for you electric. Try to start each show with something, lighthearted and fun. something to give us perhaps a little laugh if that's possible in this day and age So and what I've been playing mostly over the last few months are a song parodies that that I found online mostly people dealing with the covid infection in a somewhat humorous way One is something different. It's an old friend Jill. So buell, who's been on this program many times, and is an old friend of mine from back in my music radio days in Los Angeles and she posted this video to her website last night. and and it just it works on water levels in especially works with what we're dealing with today, so we'll open the show officially with this new song from Jill, so buell and it's called owning the libs. You can guess where she's going with this one. Take it away Jill so buell. Here we go I, think no. No, it doesn't WANNA play. I'm owed no best laid plans, and all that you know what for some reason I'm not getting any audio out of there, which is really weird so I'm GonNa just. I'm going to have to play for you. The the audio version of the song because I can't tease you like that and then not play it for you so. Here, we go, Joe. You'll. Oh, no! Give me one more second oh best late. You knew I couldn't get through a show without a technical problem today right all right final final. Go here we go. You'll get it to the lives. Land. Called Kid. We're. Proudly given live. Church last Sunday. You know what did and..

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