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Is an important point and I want. I want you to explain this to me because I I think that people are going to be confused and think that I hope they're not that you just kinda figure it out as you went along which is partially true. You actually did a lot of research like you actually went to. Uc Davis which is a huge. It has a huge agricultural department and you like met with professor there and and went to the research library to learn about brewing. What what like. What did you do that so yeah we were fortunate so UC Davis had one of the only university brewing schools in the nation. It was started. You know they have a big wine program as well but they. They started writing a beer program Quite a few years back. And we availed ourselves of both their library and I would go down with stacks of quarters. I would either read their or photocopy everything I could get my hands on like scientific journals. Like like scientific academic papers and boxes today and there were a couple of really important scientific brewing texts available and they weren't. They weren't homering text. They were if you're a brewing scientist Four or five hundred page Tomes on You know every aspect of of being a professional broher and I read them cover to cover and so I was a fairly Learned brewer from at least the literature side As we went into into bring commercially and it also sounds like in the two year period because it was like really two years. Right seventy to eighty. When you were working ramping up here and really going public I mean selling it to the public that the other guys like the other folks in in the craft brewing industry. We're really collegial like Fritz. Maytag ANCHOR STEAM. Like you went to these folks advice and they were really they were like yeah. I mean I'm I'm just wondering why were they? Just good people like it gives you early twenties. I mean they could have just. I duNno looked like. Why are we taking this seriously? But what what explains because they were right. There was a lot of like asking for tips and stuff right. Yeah and I and I think that You know Fritz was probably the first one I leaned on bit. And and he had Had the same experience so when he was starting out when he bought ager. He didn't know anything about brewing. Or the brewing industry and he would go and visit other brewers and he was shocked at how open and supportive. They were but We did have a really open relationship with pretty much anybody in the brewing industry. I joined the master Brewers Association which was really the big brewers technical group over early on. But you could call up A technical person at another berry whether it was coarser anheuser busch or Miller and ask a question and they would talk loud and while the commercial guys. The guys who are selling beer in the streets they. They didn't have the same relationship but the the technical side of growing Brewers tend to stick together to help solve problems so in this two year period of ramping. Up Right what does Katie thing? We've got a daughter baby girl at home it was. She Likes Katy ever ever like gay. Can like this is not doing. It was tough and We made a lot of sacrifices. She made a lot of sacrifices You know we didn't have any money and I was working all the time so If I wasn't studying wasn't welding if I wasn't working because I was still having to work on their job If I wasn't building at the brewery I mean I was. It was seven days a week. twelve hours a day and I had the I guess the early opportunity right when I was committing to build the Burri taxi by one of the bike shops I had worked in. The owner was Getting out of the business and He would have sold it to me. Probably preferentially if I said I wanted to do that. And there was a point where I thought I could buy this bike shop and probably make a decent living And it's a sure thing but I was. You know in my mind thinking you know am I gonNa then question Could I've ever really pulled off building a brewery and being a broker for my livelihood instead of a bike mechanic? And so we had a a thoughtful discussion. Kadian I about what should we do? What should I do and came down to you? Know I think you've gotTa Follow Your Your Passion and See if that's what you WANNA do. You should do that. I've read that you you you even a book about about these really. These new wrote that By September nineteen eighty. You're running out of money quickly. And this is a quote from your book Psychologically we you and Paul were starting to break down. What what. What do you mean just from the stress of of watching you know nothing happened money going that like? What was the breakdown there were a few Points of desperation and we were getting there We were out of money for. I don't know the ten th time and and had gone to family and said you know we just need another five thousand or two thousand or whatever and we can get the doors open. We did that a bunch of times and so we were out of point where it's like we can't go ask for money again. We've we've told them. This was the last time like five times ago. We'd spent everything we had and they said we borrowed enough that you know not going forward with a certainly been big failure so it was like no. We gotta do this. We just You know didn't have everything together to start brewing and I needed a cold box refrigeration system for where we're going to age the beer and I remember a friend of mine said why. No of this Backyard Butcher shop that the county shutdown. That's got a old refrigeration system the coil on it and you probably have it or get it for a few bucks. So when over there and in his backyard he would butchart chickens and hogs and things for for neighbors illegally and There was a little cold box there so I took it to the burry started. They clean it up and it was covered in blood and feathers and Was just completely corroded. And I'm sitting there cleaning it up and I just thought to myself you know. We're down to this desperate of situation. We've got no money making Making beer still a few weeks off. WE'RE NOT GONNA. Make it when we come back. Ken finally brewed his first batch of beer to sell to the public and how people began to buy it not by the KEG. Hide even by the six pack bottle by bottle by bottle stay with US garage and you're listening to how I built this.

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