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I think in the beginning when they first got him they he does kind of look like tyson chandler. He looks nothing like in nice ace. He wanted to face. He does bodies type now. No tyson was a little bit stronger. He wasn't as lanky you know. Willie cauley stein's arms. You know the ground. Yeah yeah you right. So it's been three games. So let's let's now we're playing calm down card. We were never that high on willie. Collies mingka's tyson chandler reincarnate first of all tyson chandler is not dead in his career or needed So no i look. He's he's been great but you're not depending on him. Wake when porzingas comes back. What are you gonna do you. Can you bring porzingis off the bench. Yeah okay fine next luga donncha which is shooting seventy percent in clutch situations josh. Richardson is shooting sixty percent in clutch situations. And that duo is ninth in the league in points per game among guards so tired. Richardson has been a great addition to this team or wired luca in richardson or low key. The best backcourt duo in the league. No no i mean they're ninth in is is wins per game yes and averaging thirty and regino twelve and they combined for sixty three points but there's no way they combined for sixty three and luke averages thirty that means josh. Richardson averages thirty three points. A game yeah. I don't know that's a good point that i got this for nba stats dot com. O no eight per one hundred possessions. Yeah maybe it was purple game. Nba status is sixty researchers averaging thirty three points game than the would-be duo in the league. Boom next okay. Settle the psalm. That one okay. Have the third best differential in points scored an opponent points allowed in the west so tired the mavericks are better than their record. Indicates or wired the mass will finish third in the western conference. I mean i think both of those can be true. They're definitely not as bad as their start. Yeah like i think they're a championship team but they were not to and fourteen now. Can they be third in the west. A lot of that depends on porzingis prison. You know a how healthy he can be. And how much corona time teams miss or players. Miss the team yet Will they be third in the west. I don't know i'm working on a piece right now. Of what it would take for luca to win. Mvp that depends on their record and at the time they were on pace to not win a ton of games they had like a five hundred record. So you can do the math but with every game. They play where they're looking better. I don't know maybe a fourth seat is an option is doable okay. So that was tired or wired. Leave your reactions in the comments which one you're taking tired or wired. Let's do a game called. Ab testing yay little business for an acura for my for marketing listeners ab testing it's a marketing thing. Like oh you wouldn't know no so. Joey didn't care but if you're in marketing mentor what it means. So i'll preview so i'm going to give the box line for two players..

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