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To a baseball park for the game or the food usually for baseball but the texas rangers have found fans have a craving for a new treat that is exclusive globe life park in arlington it's the dili dog a hot dog stuffed into a hollowed out dill pickle that's then battered and deep fried after twenty five hundred were sold during their opening series against the astros the park added a second designated stan this weekend to accommodate those that will pay the ten bucks a pop yes that means the ballpark brought in twenty five thousand dollars in gross revenue from the daily dog alone which is by far the most popular of new items introduced this season val deore reporting about three hundred people turned out in bakersfield california this weekend to celebrate the naming of a post office for merle haggard in his hometown late country legend sister and widow were amongst those at the ceremony near downtown honoring haggard who helped create the bakersfield sound news analysis at townhall dot com i'm michael harrington hey this is bob all shaky thanks for listening to plugged in sometimes feels as if just about every time you slap on a virtual reality headset you can expect some creepy thing to run screaming at you with something sharp and deadly and it's gnarly mitts but the game makers behind the game moss have decided that it's high time to experience the gentler side of this immersive gaming genre maas has you follow an aide the progress of a little mouse character named quill as she fights against the mechanical evil that has invaded her green forest home but this game is more about solving environmental puzzles than it is about doing battle and the end result is a living breathing fairytale journey that will appeal to young and old alike so i'm giving moss a four and a half out of five for family friendliness visit us at plugged in dot com slash radio for the full review i'm jake roberson for focus on the family's plugged in.

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