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Take time to be a dad today learn more at eight seven seven four dad four one one or visit fatherhood dot gov brought to you by the us department of health and human services and the ad council lessons can be a great asset dear company or organisation that germs of gain skills and leadership team work and performance under pressure veterans have received the very best training in their fields and are never afraid to tackle a tough situation to accomplish the mezan if you are looking to hire a better better barbara blame looking to help you make it happen you are veteran today you won't be sock a sliding around and sock feet is a pretty common activity in a fissure house was the every year thousands of kids stay here to be close to a wounded mommy or daddy receiving care at a military your va medical center if the place where they can feel at home when they're not aware kisses and hogs are only minutes away instead of time zones which for a kid with a soldier as a parent is an unfamiliar luxury to learn more about the fisher house foundation and how you can help go to fisher house dot org today too good is to foot to struggle to overcome and ultimately for the marine corps it means to win there is no alternative it's not just a statement of intent it's a promise to our nation a promise kept for more than two centuries a promise of the louise.

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