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Pitch the have germany petric's registers look good. I feel like we've been saying this sort of even since the off season that i think the key starting pitching is better than people think. And it's not to me what we're like what's gonna worry me come. The playoffs is the same thing that worries me every year. Are they going to be hit. Really good pitching in situation lavas. They've been great so far but in really good in against really good pitching runners in scoring position and stuff like that. That's what's gonna worry me. The soaring picking. I feel pretty good about. I feel good about yes for me. My number one concern is the bullpen. Just audio that's my number the editions of rizzo And gallo and basically void. You can cowboys in addition because he really just wasn't here very adamant rule of trade deadline thoughts right Those three edition assists lineup. That really weren't here all year. Have just you know this lineup is horrifying and then you're looking at gio or shallow. I think back next week Which would be massive. Because the i want him there for the oakland series badly. That's a four-game set. That starts on thursday really need. Go back for that. And hopefully he's on track for that. But i don't know he hasn't maybe he's not but he should in my mind he should be but i feel like that you probably want to make they wanna get him a rehab start a reappearance so i guess you could technically do that in early part of next week. I don't know what their schedule is. Invaded announce anything Today Maybe the rain fucks everything up with that. But i really want she back for the oakland series badly even bringing them back friday or something. Maybe he's not there for one day. The oakland series but he should have time to get a couple but if he plays Tuesday wednesday rehab games or something. Yeah i just want him back for that edge of alaska's. Just a just a really really really awesome. Awesome story unfolding here in the bronx with this kid. I don't know if we talked about him enough. but squid is awesome Continues to come through for this team. He's a great defensive shortstop. He's literally want us games at shortstop in his time here Smacks his first career home. Run on saturday with his family in attendance to make it. I think to make it seven one. And as he's running around the basis he can't help but smile too crazy story that's unfolding. I mean kit born. The bronx is dad is a new york. I think so. Now i couldn't tell these kerner former but Nypd detective. And i think he wears his like golden medallion on on him when he plays He's living with his parents right now. Like in the bronx 'cause just to save money and all that so and he's like why would i am twenty minutes from the stadium and yeah i mean everything is just so genuine about this kid and i you know i feel like i'm going to insult labor here like he's kinda done more. Tv than glaciers done all year in this little span of time read hebrew like it feels yes. I don't know statistically whatever it just feels like. He's already had more moments. And i. Although i will say labor did ha- labor's had like three couple walks off. Yeah fair but the andros blazquez. This whole story is a story you need and like a special season stories like this are are part of like not know world series. But whatever it's like you need a story like this to make this season special ipad next man up twenty seventeen. It was like all the young guys coming up. You need like those weird little Stories that just helped make season feel more exciting. And he is like the perfect example of that. Is he going to be hitting fifth in the lineup. Should they make the postseason now will be on the roster who knows but for a few weeks now he's giving the yankees a much needed jolt of energy and just like a spark that they need. Yeah i i'm a little worried. What happens when labor does come back. Because i do five. I know it's september right so okay. Maybe that's a good point so remember you're not expanding rosters right but it's forty but it's like three more. I believe right for like three or four more. But you'd imagine they they're going to load up on pitch. Yeah but i would think he's played his way to have the they'll still on utility infielder and that's got to be his spot. But there is wade who continues to just hit right. But he's like the roster back up i think okay i see your side i think wade let me pull up. Wade's last i mean. It's like five hundred over the past thirty bathroom. He legitimately is. Let's impose game while real quick so once was. When did he start to really cook. Started to cook okay. It had been the miami series july thirty a- so dating back july yet. Holy shit dating back to july thirtieth. He's hitting four twenty five with a five twenty one on base percentage forty nine plate appearances. That's crazy holy shit. I mean we've been wondering what the inky see in tyler way in wada's you keep surviving. I don't think they saw this. They never envisioned tyler. Rib's gonna become this just behemoth at the plate. I mean at some point deejays mccook and lately his over the last like two weeks. She didn't like a cost of four hundred people. Been saying like we're why isn't weighed leading off. And like i mean if you're a five twenty on base percentage and he seemed you've seen the balls. I mean his over his oath. Ps was last for planning. Parents is is ten forty six. What's what now like. He's now his his bip is five sixty seven so sure is he getting lucky. Okay but you know what you're being fast is something that contributes so he's someone that should have an above average ab-. Yeah his last like five years or whatever the hell was he. I bet his was like one hundred. So you know it's been starting to balance out where he's getting lucky now He's also beating shifts. He's taking a balls It's crazy crazy with it jim. Lena amway's doing this. He's playing every position. he's playing left. Swing short like center is pulling third. Second it's crazy. He's just done that that alone. I know velazquez is crazy. Special story that like just makes you feel good but like makes this like the tyler wade. Resurgence were swallowed watching right. Now that doesn't happen in like an anon- special year like this is something that's like. He's having out of body experience right. Something's in the water right now. The fact that his average right now is to seventy eight inside Very good modern day. Mlb over one hundred twenty two plate appearances it's like it's not like a fluke three fifty five p. It's just a good season. He's having he'll he'll never have. Rbi he'll never hit home but that's not his game like his not hit his game into play with the joey gallows of the world. You know his game is to get on base steel basis Which is also alaska's by the way mean. He just like so fast. When he hit that ball on thursday night in the gap i was like i said triple right away because and he made it show easily like. He's just adding speed to this team. Gave him such a new life on top of gilmer's but like the speed edition that they just did not have in the first half of the season stew in the wonders. Is it in a weird way all the injuries and the cova right after the all star break almost help like dinky started to play differently. They started to play more scrappy. More small ball with more energy. Like the by the way greg allen. Rip think we'll ever see him again. Well he could be september true exactly what they. They're shaving him for september but.

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