Robert Anton Wilson, Japan, Earthquake discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


So it's obvious that they're preparing for war it's obvious and that's that was kind of my message in the last hours that we're looking at a lot of different things happening in as i pointed out with william graham lease let's called gods of eden in what robert anton wilson told me in house several others people like arthur clarke arthur c clarke authors they have all said that usually when we see things happening in the skies strange things happen this guy's is a sign the war is coming now remember reading brownies book gods of evening he said that one of the things is that there are different aliens out there that wish to employ certain people to do their bidding and to bring ward of the planet so we have the good guys we have the bad guys and the bad guys want war good guys want us to use our technology with with uh with good judgment the others want to give us technology so in kill ourselves so we can find ways to create more mechanize that for the planet we all know that war is the great equaliser we see lives that are lost lives that are changed and in all the chaos that comes with more we may not pay attention but it is technology that just suddenly winds up on the scene and when we look up it becomes alien to the eye it doesn't look like anything we've never seen before last night the talk of flying triangles a fleet of alien ships of the navy pilots the pilots talking about what they sonacos to san diego japan with bright lights in earthquakes it was earthquake just off of a where that you up oversight over baja california earthquake is reported as six point three i mean things are canada's our things are happening and if you pay attention it's all coming together in a in a nice sweet crescendo when i said in the last hour reminded me of a harry housing film of the earth versus the flying saucers old be horror film i used to publish a magazine it was a be magazine the dealt with films like that any earth versus the.

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