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Was different because it was when lindsay was not here in a land when she was not in atlanta she was in utah and it was easier time zone wise to do it for her is easier time don't want times unwise and also i have a different job than what i do now and that job allowed me a lot more time to do stuff like that essentially and the job that i have now just simply doesn't like i just don't have time to saharan hoosier from eight to ten minute come right on the air and do the show it's it's hard to do than we do that monday's poche oh yeah and it's like that's the other thing is they put it on a thursday it's like we just we can't do that so not anymore not based on time when we were doing nine till we were doing eleven o'clock on nine eleven different anyway it was different yeah there's just there's a lot of reasons why we don't cover anymore but yeah those are some of our favorite memories though i think i hear some audio i think we have a phone call hi everyone team chat here for let me congratulate rockin lindsay on six years of doing the rack six years that's a long time that's longer than most kardashian relationships any dude really kidding life and i were discussing our loan plans the out going to road trips lead sites you know go to yellowstone mount rushmore go up to new england to see a fall coach and drive through the city of philadelphia you know go see liberty will see the liberty bell independence hall the rocky steps and actually have a philadelphia cheesecake so rock into the bait who has the greatest philadelphia teasing is a gino's is pat's is at wow us i hope it's not was was okay is just it's little overrated while it doesn't make six which is they make hoagies they're different things for the record i feel the same way about in and out by the way i think is there little way overrated and for you lindsay one of my bucket places i w i'd like to go to six flags over jordan i know i know it's a thing partment chat really that's what you wanna do yes yes i do so lindsey i want to know where to find the best meal in georgia i don't care where you can figure that out so anyways rock t stay lindsey bestplaced thank you for all the laughs this past year thank you for all the thoughtful discussions and continue success guys go suad omega we're praying for you chatto go gino's if you're coming into town because that's touristy thing to do that's it i one may choose between one i chose thank you matt for the well wishes we always appreciate that you listen because it's awesome so okay best places in atlanta oh my god there's so much good food here but you won't get mexican food you go to tijuana joe's any of the locations it's a local chain that's here best margaritas best food so amazing so awesome who are football i was gonna bring it blocks akin the other ones are food trucks do you have to find them if they're around so there's the black skin there texas tacos and then there's the mixed up truck that has the buffalo fries that are religious experience on my god and they're coming in two weeks i'm so happy could have those again are still and there are a lot of places but yeah those are kinda like my top four that i really liked to eat and so yeah anytime you're time but you have to find three of them you really really really do and i'm trying to think of if there's anybody else and while chickfila 'cause it's typically our local our local homegrown business but if you go you have to go to the original flay which is the dwarf house down by the airport the big chicken they took an kfc that's up marietta over you don't really go there to eat you more go there to drive by but i would recommend going into it because they just redid it completely renovated the whole thing and it's all hipster ish cool and if you want food there's a cookout right across the street oh what does live about the moves as it can't all the money he still getting from salty mark getting money from salty marks on tell you what by god we're gonna this roman reigns fellow ver bio carpark would you.

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