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Right. It's that mcdonagh's gotta turn it put it on that. Or just go put it in the corner again and bring a psycho game. Whatever maybe keep the puck. You know, make sure you're getting on their d if you know me, you know, just tired out keep the puck thing. Simple. Simple. Little place. And I think sometimes making those civil plays. You wanna be physical? You you take a hit to make a play dump it in and live to fight another day. And I think overall you may see that tonight a little bit more from the lighting and John Cooper talked about that earlier today about his team being a little bit more physical people look at them and like all their big their physical. They hit. They do all these things. Well skill and their team. And I think it kind of the reverse for us people look at us, they go, it's Tampa, you know, skilled and fast, but we do have his class back to our game as well. And if you're gonna win you have to be able to play all different ways, and I feel the physical aspect of our game is something that we have in our repertoire would help us get through some series last year and did the game toned down a little bit. After the first period of probably did maybe it shouldn't have. But it did. And and I can't sit here and predict what the future games are going to be but expect the fiscal part of it will be more than wasn't game one. And typically does is a playoff series. Continues between two teams who get to become very familiar with each other because you're basically playing every other day also for Andre Vassil Levski tonight about s- back not that he had a terrible game. But certainly when you take a look at his statistics in the regular season and what they were after game one. It's not even close, but he is thirteen one after a loss this year. It's at nine fifty two save percentage and four shutouts. So keep that in mind as we take a look at these two teams tonight, we're taking an inside look at tonight's game. Thanks the Tampa Bay times. Get more than the score from the Tampa Bay times in print and online subscribed today. It's half obey dot com. Tampa Bay is fifteen and eight all time in game twos. And they're eight and five and game twos. At Emily arena. Also the lighting is eight and three in game twos. Under head coach, John Cooper. And check out this that this was pretty interesting today from NHL dot com that team that wins the first two games of seven series owns all time series record of three hundred fifty that's eighty six point four percent. Now, I think that changes a little bit in today's game where there's a lot of parody. And you don't see teams dominate one another as you did back, you know, fifteen twenty years ago, but certainly want to even things up if you're down one, oh because the statistics say if you don't like you could be in trouble. Tan now to take a look at the score. It's presented by pods. When you're stuff up stored at a pods container at your place at one of.

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