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Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours. Zil watching serious collision out near eastbound highway two oh two to forty four th street. A collision blocks all lanes each direction state patrol is on the scene and in Seattle. Southbound I five just north of Albaro. There's a collision that is currently blocking the HOV lane. Your next report at one four I'm Jay Phillips on KOMO news, a nice respite between windstorms, but that's all it was it's getting gusty again in the foothills early this Tuesday morning, a wind advisory in place for the Puget Sound lowlands. Those are the communities like is black diamond Monroe in gold bar that are right up against the cascades down wind of those mountain valleys and passes. And when the wind funnels through them with the Cascadia winds blowing this morning, you'll feel it thirty to fifty miles per hour. In those foothill towns for the rest of us, increasing rain, maybe starting a some very short-lived wet snow in the KOMO weather center. I'm meteorologist, Shannon O'Donnell. Now, your KOMO consumer tip. Here's herb Weisbaum. You know that sunlight Canasia paint on your car. Well, it can also cloud the protective plastic coating on the headlights which can dramatically cut their effectiveness as they get older. May see a yellow film on them. They may become cloudy, and that's a real safety concerns. Triple as director of automotive engineering. Greg Brennan says the inside of the headlight is just fine. But as at plastic coating deteriorates the amount of light getting through is greatly reduced if you think about it like a shade pulled down over the late. It's blocking that way from getting out of the ones. Aaa head test on headlights from two popular sedans that were approximately eleven years old on the low beam. They only provided twenty two percent of the light created by new headlight operating at full capacity. That's triple AAA encourages everyone to check the headlights as part of your regular maintenance that becomes especially important. Brandon told me after the vehicle turns three years old. If those headlights are cloudy, they may need to be repaired or replaced more about this..

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