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Wbz news time five thirty currently twenty five degrees under cloudy skies feels like 13 with the wind chill on this thursday morning january fourth good morning i'm josh vince under wbz news and here's what's happening the blizzard making its way to us big snowstorm comey today tend to fifteen inches by the time it tapers off early this evening that's a lot of snow in a short period of time cruiser ready to treat the roadways but how about air travel what's up and what isn't up here at logan airport and wbz sports with adam kaufman it was carrier having verse lebron james part twobit terry rosier led the way with twenty points in the celtics win well the blizzard is making its way here the snowfall along with severe gusting winds are expected to come to the south of us we can expect more than a foot of snow starting around seven o'clock this morning we get the latest the forecast from accu others elliot abrams josh we're going to head heavy snow today we're expecting tend to fifteen inches by the time the storm winds down the seething that's a shorter duration storm that we have sometimes we get big amounts but that means higher intensity while it's here the wind will pick up the galeforce force and caused extensive blowing in rift ing ressam changeover to rain and sleet along the immediate coast of the cape ann islands but we'll site from the city on west this is all snow all right elliot thank you will hear more from million a few minutes traffic and weather together there are some five hundred eighty eight crews from massed out crisscrossing the state right now transportation secretary stephanie pollick says matt dance personnel will be treating and clearing the roadways as the day goes on deploying snowploughs and maintenance equipment were needed pollick advises residents to consider.

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