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Every all recollection keeps changing or whatnot even asked a question and somebody makes an assumption terry joins us now live from the white house and terror the president tweeting today attack in the fbi for not informing him they were investigating campaign chairman paul manafort leading up to the election tom president trump is again accusing the justice department of being unfair he's of they should have told him that they were investigating manafort for ties to russia distancing himself from his former campaign manager he said he would have never hired him if you knew tom terry pull mary for tonight tara thank you next the hunt for a killer before he strikes again police in arizona or asking for the public's help in funding this man suspected of having links to three shooting deaths and tonight authorities are now looking very closely at a fourth murder in the past twenty four hours abc's morrissey gonzales is in scottsdale tonight police desperately trying to piece together who could be behind a string of shootings that have left four people dead in the phoenix area thing how many are there was a lot of arguments detectives trying to determine if the shooting death of a life coach this weekend is connected to the deaths of a prominent forensic psychiatrists killed in broad daylight and to paralegals gunned down less than twenty four hours later right now we are doing our best locate this suspect and get them off the street the first victim dr steven pit founders someone's neighbor there someone's friend known for his consulting work on high profile cases including jon benet ramsey's death and the jodi arias trial killed outside of his phoenix office at around five thirty thursday evening then friday seven miles away paralegals valeria sharp and laura anderson shot inside this office that specializes in family law helping clients in times of emotional stress one of the women's shot in the head managing to walk outside begging for help.

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