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Cents. It's it's disposable clothing you put on the dress. You take a picture for instagram than you literally have to throw it out. Because it's so poorly made they also fashioned does this. But she is like very predatory when it comes to stealing designs from urban outfitters move. Yeah but to an extent that's really really egregious and their clothes are ugly. Is this also a situation where you order and it shows up to your house mysteriously fast like because this be possible. Yeah yeah like real sweatshop vibes you order it now. You're like actually the dresses coming from inside the house out the door which by the way before even get into the rush controversy. I wanna say that this in another way is a thing that i've seen white people doing online. That was taken from queer culture. Because i feel like if you haven't seen like ballroom videos where like You know people are talking about like what they're wearing the dress. Mosquito the heels. Valentino like that those videos. I felt like started to circulate online. And then all of a sudden white people started doing them. But i'm obsessed with these sorority rush videos. These girls were doing outfits of the day now. Everybody's parodying them but my keep it goes to all of the controversy surrounding michaela colpepper. Her she is a mixed race girl who was rushing alabama. She became sort of a star and then she didn't get into any of the house. Get into any of the houses and also has shaun king posted about this continue. He's like the rumpelstiltskin. Keep it you know you know. He is busy collecting money for afghanistan. Michaela was one of the stars of this tick-tock trend because she's not why and of course. The internet was rooting for her. Because they were like. Yeah go ahead girl. Get into the sorority rush. Whatever find sorority in alabama she did not get into a sorority and then also she was briefly shadow band on tick tock. She got access again. But it's because people were accused of using a tanning bed to blackfish people as she had to come and say guys..

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