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Sidney smith and gustapene out with francis wade and art gallois wicks. Welcome back everybody to productivity casts the weekly show about all things personal productivity. I'm recently smith. I'm augusta francis way and i'm mark l. Wicks welcome gentlemen welcome to our listeners. This week we are starting a new ongoing series on productivity. Cast that were calling book cast and so book cast is where we're going to bring a new productivity book while a new to hopefully you productivity book but it could be an old book as while that were reading and want to discuss the merits and demerits of the material. I'm hoping that we each come at the material from different backgrounds and experiences and therefore some of us will love and some of us will potentially not love the material and that will make for enlightening discussion for you. I'm for our first book. Cast we bring you the four disciplines of execution. Achieving your wildly important goals by chris mcchesney sean covey and jim -culing. I have been recommended this book so many times. And so i wanted to bring this book to productivity cast to dive into the major tenants and discuss them so a little bit about the brooklyn. I are. The book is described on amazon pulling this from amazon description. Page it says. Do you remember the last major initiative. You watch die in your organization. Did it go down with a loud crash or was it slowly and quietly suffocated by other competing priorities. By the time it disappeared. It's likely no one even noticed what happened often. The answer is that the quote unquote whirlwind of urgent activity required to keep things running day devoured all the time and energy you needed to invest in executing your strategy for tomorrow and then it goes on to say that the four disciplines of execution can change that forever it says the four disciplines of execution forty x is a simple repeatable and proven formula for executing your most important strategic priorities in the midst of the whirlwind and that includes the four disciplines being focused on the wildly important act on lead measures keep a compelling scoreboard cadence of accountability and so with that the authors. Are chris mcchesney sean. Covey and jim fuelling. Sean covey is not only notably the son of the late dr steven covey but he is also the senior vice president of innovations and products at franklin covey and so he has been at the franklin covey company for quite a while and obviously he's the author of many other books and and obviously helps with his father's company Chris mcchesney is the global practice leader of execution for franklin covey. And he's of course one of the primary developers of forty x and then jim fueling the managing consultant for franklin covey's forty x Delivery of that material across the world. So he's he's responsible for the forty x. Methodology and the quality of the world wide delivery. So those are the authors. That's a little bit about the book. And as i noted in our lead up the book is divided into four. Parts of.

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