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But I had a passenger throw up in my car during my first week of lift driving. What happens when they throw up? I get upset. There is four passengers in the car. It was a guy up front who was like really drunk and talkative, and I was like shut the fuck up, please. And there was a guy in the back who couldn't talk because he was drunk, and there were these two girls, and they are like the guys are fine. And I was like, honestly, I don't wanna let you in my car because they don't seem vine, and they like promised me that it was fine. And they were going to give me a big tip. And I was new jobs. I was like, okay. I like big tips. So this guy is like can you pull over on the side of the highway. So I pull over and he throws up on himself. And then I just put the car in park because I'm like, I didn't even get mad out outwardly. I was just inward. I was like all right. What do I do? Now, just thinking put the car in park when I put the car import these girls they started getting hostile with me. They were like, oh, well, if you're going to be an asshole, we'll just get out here. And I didn't know what happened they were all drunk. So they thought that I was doing something hostile by putting the car in park. I guess and so I was like great to get out right here on the highway like, I don't need you. Mike car, your friend just threw up, and I'm gonna charge you one hundred fifty. Right out of the car. It's like, no big deal. Did they they didn't get out of the car argued with me for another five minutes on the side of the highway until I drove them home, which was like another two miles. And then you just take a picture of the throw up, and then Hooper send or lift this was but same thing with both companies that you send them a picture of it. And then they send you a fee right out of that person's credit cards. That's great. I didn't know that. We know what if I will up in your car? I'm glad that you took the money and like ruins on it. That's the end of my night. I can't have anybody else in the car now because there's puke in their one Newburgh driver was telling me, and he starts the conversation. I never do. And I'll get to that. But anyway, who's telling me a story about this guy gets this nation and then runs out of the car as if he's getting away from? Okay. I bring up how I never talked to drivers. And it's it's women that I hear this from it. I don't know if guys have this problem too. But they say this driver. They don't quit talking to me. And I understand why it'd be different with women. But then I say recorded for me, and my girlfriends did this another woman did it for me recently. And I hear the woman that I know keeping the conversation going. Yeah. Really interesting. Just shut the fuck up. Right. Do you? Do you guys? I wonder if the drivers thinking the same thing like they will not stop talk. But how is that? And I'm I'm actually learning right now..

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