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Boston's News Radio a first for this year's bonnaroo music festival along with a lineup that includes salons Cardi B and big time Grammy winner, Casey musk graves, the event will host its inaugural pride parade. This parade will be part of a circus party, featuring dance music, art, exhibits and circus acts from all around the United States, the annual festival takes place in Tennessee this June. It's five twenty. I'm Doug cope. WBZ cares. This month. We're profiling the multi-service eating disorders association, meta preventing the continuing spread of eating disorders through education and early detection. This is national eating disorder awareness week. Admit executive director, Leslie Bernstein says there are several local events ranging from a yoga class that will focus on body love. They'll be a screening of a movie also to raise awareness meadow hosts a professional conference in April. It's the latest and greatest information on eating disorders were WBZ cares. I'm Doug cope. Speakers are bringing radio back into the home station forms a home better than. WBZ newsradio. While you cook. While you clean, and whatever you do in between live and local reporting, everything that matters to that place. So while you're there tell Alexa. WBZ NewsRadio an iheartradio. Kids. Zanan cards kids, donate your car. One eight seven seven cars. Kars for Kids one eight seven seven cars. Donate your car today. For kids dot com. Is quick and easy. Natsume tax deduction. Stars. Cars. Also accepting boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate donations. Do you? Remember the fairy tale about the Princess and the pea she was the Princess who was disturbed by even a single P under her mattress. Now, I'm thinking to myself if only she had the perfect bed. Like, I do I have the.

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