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In the meantime enjoy the wonderful Chris Garcia. You're so funny thanks be. Let's talk about your stand-up okay. What is going on? I see somebody like you. That's so funny and it was like what is happening. That is my. That's my question. That's what's Happening in general I mean the level of comfort -bility and like. How long have you been doing it? How did you get started i? I'm not just saying that because it's what we ask other. I really want to know because the end result is really special. Thank you Well I started in two thousand and five in San Francisco and I just kind kind of dip my toes. You know I was watching my and then in two thousand went and watched I went and watched the best price right. Just go in six months and I was like oh I can do yeah S.. Six months scared I was very scared. Are My childhood dream so I was like scared to jump all the way in what you you knew even as a kid you wanted to be a stand up. Yeah I recently found my second grade yearbook and sister Perpetuo. This none wrote to Chris. The comedian funny little kid and just a hand off and I think difficuly a little little bit sure like a joke with old old people a comedian. But you were interested in Santa. Do what's your early. So you stand up memory. My early memories are going on car trips or waiting for the ball to drop on years. You've and my family and and I would listen to this. Cuban comedian Alvarez. Give this well I know. But do you really a bit of edit those those I keep going and he has like over forty albums and you should know your. He's very prolific. He also has a lot of jokes. That you're like okay. That's the street joke and stuff right right. I wonder I wonder what if that's like what was expected and what people really want. You know what I mean like if a comedian doing that yeah. Yeah a lot of guys from Boston that I would watch would do more closely. What I think they're generation thought was jokes? which was the? Make me laugh. You you better just tell me something funny so I wonder if he was just like a product obviously of his environment. Yeah totally liners every once in a while. It'd be this kind of subversive live like anti communist humor which was really interesting which he really talked about like immigration the United States in that whole process and he'd have like you know kind of simple jokes we'd be like talking about taking his like immigration exam or whatever that you have to take and he's like he's he's like I don't know how to answer these things and he switches to English and he's like who is the president of the United States and you go Rockefeller Center. It's it is really kind of silly set up but it cracked my parents up and just as a kid on a car ride. I'd be like this is awesome. And we're they leading question. Were they getting along before the record went on this like helping because in my my life laughing men like everyone was happier. I'm I'm not saying they were always unhappy but like anything that got us all laughing together. It was like such a gift because my parents didn't really get along. Oh that for me. Well my parents got along on but just life was hard or like you know from their experiences living in Cuba incumbent united safes it. It definitely wasn't easy right so to make fun of it so you're white male just making their own just like let's see we have this nice house find a private school. You're Kinda like they just have to make conflict elect. Yeah we don't have therapy. We Have Rockefeller..

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