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June rocked japan crystal. It's christel june. Rock that right. What is crystal. June rock Crystal japan was a haunting and quite beautiful synthesizer based instrumental track that david provided for the japanese saw k. Crystal june rock advertising campaign. So there you go. That might be wrong. Okay anyway yeah you can listen to. You can find the add on the youtube now. We can see these ads like back then. Nobody would have known he was doing japanese liquor ads right. You know exactly. That's why he did them because there was a whole the th that's what lost in translation is all about. It was the end of that era of big stars going out and doing ads for boos or products that maybe they wouldn't endorse in their home countries in japan because the market was totally separated and there was no kind of crossover but then the internet came along and ruined. You think when he was talking to jeremy paxman very famous interview predicting the rise of the internet. This is what he was secretly praying. God i hope no one finds my crystal japan at some point gonna find my bloody sakai ain't ad or maybe not sack whenever but it's no game potts who did make the cuts and i. I think it really wraps up this extraordinary album and it is a really extraordinary album. It's something that the more i listened to it and rediscovering of the few days the more i've been thinking that it's the i know the cliche the old Thing about oh the best albums since scary monsters but that's absolutely justified. Given the massive drop in quality control that followed hits and the long road back up to that synthesis of innovation creativity and accessibility. The is all in this album. Yeah i think this is the best album since scary monsters itself. It's fun but it's a good album for fans. You've only got a couple of obvious singles on the fashion and ashes to ashes and even those are odd songs really ashes to ashes wonderful very accessible song. Sos fashioned in. Its own way but apart from that it's all very much album tracks strange. Oddly structured songs with odd performances and instrumentation and arrangements. But they're all really good. You know yeah interesting. And and solid. It's very satisfying. I think we've touched on over these podcasts. There were reasons for those creative decisions. And that's the thing that's so rewarding. Satisfying for is that he's thought this through. You can sense when any work of art has been thought through and there are so many layers to peel back and exploit. It's what makes it rewarding and in this case there is an awful lot. Go into on the one side of got david bowie himself. You've got this thirty three year. Old man obviously looking back over his career very self consciously putting the passed away and as we mentioned the beginning of the episode. You know a number of different things had come to natural end by this point. Be his marriage. His record contract the deal with decrease was shortly up. The general climates of the rock scene had shifted a huge amount to. He was really assessing himself seeing what he could do. And i think in tandem with the whole elephant man adventure at the end of the year. Nine hundred really was an extraordinary pivotal. Yeah yeah definitely and Final plug for that nacho compilation. Yes he's really dug up some great bits and pieces there. And there's some stuff of bowie apparently in the studio with The rest of the gang the dance day dom gang. Yeah brilliant apparently laying down. Some of the you know initial backing tracks will scary monsters. Where does that. What does that footage come from. You know chris. I think was he rehearsed for the the tonight. Show so i think there was filmed for twenty twenty. I think that was the american show it was on it was he was filmed a lot that year. I think because of elephant man. There's a lot of rehearsal footage of him for whatever reason it's great that's an you see them doing a. It's all up the hill backwards very early. Take and that's amazing. It's so good that that kind of sketching it out You've got a lot of george. Murray he's sort of in the center of the screen just doing amazing things on the base. And actually that's one of would like to ask you very quickly. Christie mentioned in the book sadly an inevitably. They would never work again. What do you mean by inevitably. I feel like billy sort of would draw lines. You know between periods and i feel like i mean one of the reasons he doesn't use the again immediately is practical like he he can't keep him on retainer for a couple years. He's not gonna tour. He's not gonna do another album so he can listen. Go and dennis davis but that point was working with stevie wonder so he enjoys more jour-jour maury retired. I think he became a teacher. Is investing story Alamar returns. But i feel like you know you'd never is. Bowie was never somebody who got the entire gang back together again. He never brought the spider back. He doesn't do tin machine ever again after after that is over So you know Feel like once something is over. He he doesn't really go back to it in. At least this marks the end of like. I said so many major chapters in his life not least the ending of the the dennis davis kaliszan george murray trio. But then also visconti is now. I mean they do ball in eighty-one but apart from that visconti is pretty much to the picture. Yep for the next twenty years more. Isn't it all the worse for it's got to be said i mean th there's lots of great moments throughout the eighty s and on into the nineties but there's nothing as far as an album that comes close to something that was such a complete coherent statement as any of those seventies albums. Reckon yeah like it has to basically has to come full circle and then you know work with the county again. Very end i feel like blackstar holds up in nyc. Star is sort of the at long last the best since scary monsters. It really was. That's right yeah and again you know. There's so much to love on all those other records definitely even on tonight. We which is such a mess in so many ways. But i've got a big soft spot for a lot of that stuff well. I've been struggling to find seats. Come to this podcast talk about tonight. So adam you just you just confirmed your next guest appearance right there. Don't look down. The may of crazy sounds dodson with the big boys. Big boys go there. You go. I mean what what. Further proof is needed. I think on that note i will. We'll wrap it up. But i just want to really thank. You both feel time. Like i said at the beginning of this. I'm a huge fan of both of your work. Both of your works both of your works and so to have you both on this. Podcast being an absolute joy. So thank you very much for joining meets. Talk about scary monsters goodman. Thanks very much for having me very nice to meet you too chris. I'd.

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