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All right. So fast, maybe he can set the edge. He's not setting the edge either. So he's a very scheme scheme specific player. And that scheme's not here. Unless they're going to totally overhaul the defense. And who knows? Maybe what JC Jackson leaving they do decide to become that zone team. If Jay-Z Jackson leaves, I think it becomes a slightly more realistic conversation. He's also going to test so well today. One of those teams that he has a fit for will trade up and get him. I'm not counting on him on the board at 21. So mamola is 6 feet two 23. So basically the exact same size as nicobi dean. Dean actually has got some weight on him. I think I'm sure that Milano now that he's in an NFL is trying to think conditioning program is probably playing closer to two 25 two 30. So maybe they're about the same exact size. The Patriots were rumored to have some interest in Milano a couple years ago. I don't know how real that rumor was, but I remember that being floated out there when Milana was supposed to become a free age and they ended up resigning in an upping with buffalo. So he never hit free agency. But yeah, you're right. If they're going to be a zone defense and they need linebackers that can be that sort of space guy and be a guy that can drop into coverage and do all those sort of things. Then they're going to have to be a little bit faster there and kind of go a little bit different direction. So maybe somebody like a nicobi dean could be an act conversation. Next up here on the linebackers, Devin Lloyd, who I watched a little bit more of his tape. I'm a little bit more into it now that I've seen some more games out of his still have concerns about the way he takes on blocks. Still think that he's best in that Fred Warner role in that Seattle style cover three type system. But he's going to be, he should be a great tester. And he probably will be long gone by the time the Patriots pick at 21. Yeah, and this goes back to what we said before again, even if he's.

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