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The whole gamut marcus. I might point out to people pursued an executive mba program at george washington university and he made a series of investments in startup companies operating in the health and the sports sector. And i'm going to believe that. For most athletes. They have been doing one thing for very long period in their life. And they're probably the fear factor comes in. They're going into a field that they don't understand don't know they've had people taking care of them for most of their lives. And that is something that really affects a lot of these athletes. Am i correct observation. Marcus yeah i. It's tough you know you put so much time effort and energy into into a singular goal and it's i mean it's really. It's tough to build skill sets outside of that I think you know. That's that's true in in really any any walk of life. And i think especially true in a you know feeling like professional sports. Because there's there's you gotta you've gotta give it one hundred ten percent just to have a shot to be successful. Yeah i know you co created as the education executive education program at columbia university business going. It's focused on providing current and former professional athletes with the tools needed to harness their competitiveness and ensure financial success. Tell me a little bit about that program. And what you're observing with these former athletes so so really the course I wanted to create it and really from from a lot of my own experiences. So as an athlete you get a ton of you get a ton of access to to Some good some not so good and they come from from people in your network. People from outside of your network and what happens is a lot of times. You're not necessarily equipped to deal with. You know the opportunity in that coming coming here way And we really just wanted to develop a in a program that gave gave these athletes tolls to be able to identify a really bad opportunity. early on and be able to move away from it. Conversely identified good opportunity. And you know continue to you. Know conduct your diligence on it and continue to go down down the pathway where you may or may not partner with that business so Again a lot of that stuff is stuff that i kind of learned on the fly You can't get into the investment game and you know not get punched into a couple of times so The courses really developed from standpoint of you know giving some of my peers the the opportunity and the information to To take less of those punches to the gut and really you know being a position where you can control your destiny. In a lotta ways. We all know about the richest irag stories with athletes. And i suppose that it would be kind of a a very tough situation for them to decide what to do with their money. It's not something that they really had to do for a long period of time when they were playing. Yeah i mean. I i when i talk about it. I quit to Really lottery winner. I mean and if you really look at it at its core You know a lot of these a lot of these guys. You're getting you're getting these dollar contracts that you know anywhere between twenty to twenty five and i challenge anybody you know. Fresh out of college at twenty two to successfully manage a portfolio It's just not a skill set. It's just not something that's in your wheelhouse early on and you gotta go And really equip yourself with the right team. The right knowledge resources to be able to do it efficiently. What's the best piece of advice you ever got. Business wise I would say it. It's really simple. I mean it's really get involved in businesses that you that you understand And i i think it might sound oversimplify but The more that you can really dig in and roll your sleeves up into business and really understand you know You know what the product is. What the service is and and really be able to relate to it. I mean it just gives you a different perspective as opposed to you know a business that you know could be a great opportunity. But you don't understand it. You can't really contribute. Oh you can't really actively participate in in in the business. Are there any similarities. Marcus between the business of football business of sports and the business of business. If you know what i know absolutely and i think one of the things that initially attracted me to the The investment space without me knowing that attracted me you look at a lot of entrepreneurs founders There's some traits you know in the ones that make it that that are direct correlation to you know the athletes that are able to make it to the professional ranks and It's something i. I like to call irrational confident. It's in what i mean by that is As an athlete. You have to have confidence in yourself and your work ethic in you know your preparation that you look at all the numbers And all the probabilities around you you know actually achieving your goal and there's a mindset that i cannot work the numbers and i can i can be that one percent and everyone else's is ninety nine percent and when you look at a lot of entrepreneurs as founders that that mentality if that mentality is present then then the business has has a chance of being successful five seconds left when you look back on both your business career now and also your playing career. What's sense of satisfaction. Do you have knowing the road that you traveled Obviously with with My football career. I just you know being able to live a dream. it's something. That's you know something that can you know my son can enjoy and and something that you know always be able to look back on and and you know. Be proud of what. I was able to accomplish there on the business side. You know. i'm i'm. It's exciting. Because i really just getting started You know to be able to take what i've been doing you know do it for the next fifteen twenty thirty years You know. I always say i'm working and grinding towards an unknown. Go right now. And that's that's part of the exciting. The site the excitement behind it. Marcus thank you very much. I enjoyed watching your career. But i'm really happy that you made the transition that you have and also that you're happy helping other athletes also move away and and carry on with their life. You're welcome back anytime. My friend take care. I really appreciate you having me. A marcus colston with us former wide receiver. He played his entire ten year career with the saints and boy was he a good when he was one of the key players in the saints. A super bowl forty four win and now doing very successful after playing the game. We've got on america's.

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