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All right And I believe we have that interview. Yeah we we actually have two special interviews for you guys today. Speaking of NASCAR WE'VE GOT TO NASCAR drivers who own Irish teams and both. These drivers actually competed on Sunday. Nealer them did they didn't win. Let's just put it that way but the are two they are two of the bigger names in the NASCAR world We were able to sit down with Clint Boyer. And Austin Dillon when they were out in Vegas at Las Vegas Motor speedway and we talked just exclusively Irish seen so enjoy and welcome back. This is Lucas again. Coming to you from the Las Vegas Motor speedway Clinton. Thanks for joining me this afternoon. Yeah thanks man. Oh it was fun to to get on here and talk a little I Racing Man. I love it. You know taking me back to the beginning. What stood out about Irishman is an attractive option for you guys you know for me. It wasn't an option as much especially starting is just was fun fun to have something that you could literally have at your house in your living room in your bedroom wherever That you could get on there and race. Some guy you know overseas are in Nashville Tennessee or Texas you. You never knew who you were race. And one of my favorite most fonts stories of I racing is. We had set up in my shop. My dirt late model shop and my nephew. Lincoln at the time was probably. I don't know maybe ten years old eleven years old and we're in the gym working out. And I I hear him over there ripping laps you know on and also I hear this. Grown man's voice just dog cussing him. I'm like Hey whoa what's going on. Here we go out and make quick so lincoln. It hosted erase all on his own and then went out. There and wreck spun out and wiped the whole field. Turn one what she what. People don't realize about erasing is how real it is. That guy had two hours vested at a practice session and everything else to thing was that was the most fun about it is it was my name. And that's why I recognize it because this guy is literally dog. Cussing me Clint on on the. What the Hell's going on and it was Lincoln all the way so I had to go over there and get the headset from my guys. This is a ten year old cussing first of all and I apologize e. Wipe the field out. We'll go ray some other time. That's funny you're looking ahead to this season here. Well what are you guys expectations with the drivers that you got on board the SEAHAWKS win no different? They expect me to win right over here in the cut side but.

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