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I mean i think it's quite as elegant as i'm going to eat your baby but know i see what you're saying and obviously trash talking at war might be slightly different circumstances than in a game but i think when i found funny was that in some of the articles there was almost this maybe like a romanticism for this golden age of trash talking and cricket back when it was all super witty and exit here let let me read you a few examples this is from a site called the conversation one of the more famous sledges was between australian cricketer rod marsh and then this guy from england ian botham apparently they were friends off the pitch but according to the anecdote marched tried to get botham off his game by saying quote so how's your wife and my kids which you could see how botham might be offended but then botham replied with a common of something like wife's fine but the kids are a little dim so he yes added a exactly i mean that was always my a tactic to playing sports rate you just let the comments roelof were used them to motivate you and talk back on the scoreboard but that comment actually reminds me of the roundtable at the elgon quinn did you ever see that movie about dorothy parker i think it was called mrs parker and the vicious circle no i'd heard about it but i i never actually saw it i director reverend movie that well but there was this once seen where they show the round table at the el konkan club and this one guy joins the table and picks on a bald writer who's sitting there like he just starts rubbing his head and he says it feels just like my wife's barebottom and then the writer rubs his own head and says while yes yes it dice.

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