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On your phone android iPhone once you pull in the parking lot there Click on the APP. It verifies. Yep, you're there. Bingo. You're good. You can leave and then you can do everything on your phone. Now it's a great experience to go out and gamble in their point. That sports book or in club Hawthorn. If you wanna play the ponies. That's how you register it. You're good to go. Uh, technology makes a lot. Pittsburgh. Uh, Another shot makes a lot of sense. But what a lot of what we do in the state doesn't make sense, Jr. Well, you can move. You know, I'm happy here. Okay, Well, then leave it below then you could you could move. I want to take this show to Vegas. We're good. All right. How about northern? Uh, little Rock? How about that? How about Arkansas Hard pass in Arkansas. You're just where your wife's family from correct mine as well. That's it. They can stay down there fit. I haven't made any of those strips. Oh, you haven't made you haven't been done. Arkansas I have never been there. It's wonderful there. I like people that can read. Shit. Wow. Wow, Jr. Way to get a good morning, cap. Not sure about that comment. Teeth. Yeah. Go ahead. Do you watch Deliverance yet? By the way, That's Arkansas. Story doesn't get saw Deliverance. No, don't do that. Now. Come on. That's my family's home state. Don't do that, and and Mindy's Said. Guys. KD went off last night for a triple double putting the Nets up 32 in their series with Milwaukee. Shut her No shot. James Harden gets on the floor in place tonight in Game six. Um, you know, shot. He will play a game six wins. The Game six has played. I saw Reggie Miller's tweet. Wait. Not tonight, right? Would I didn't mean whenever they play tomorrow night tomorrow. Well, I saw Reggie Miller's suite last night, saying that He had a thought of resting KD and Harden for Game six. The whole game, right to sit them out. This is why you don't coach pal. Exactly Are you kidding me? What kind of ideas that what if they had said that to Reggie? Reggie, you Rik Smits and whoever. Mark Jackson you're all sitting Vern Fleming. Yeah, exactly all you got George Macleod. You're all sitting. Oh, shot. No, no, no, Of course they're going to play. Now. You have momentum. You have three games or to you. Now, Here's the thing. I don't know what kind of Kevin Durant we're going to see physically. The next day, he played all 48 minutes. But if Harden can go harden, thank you. Here's the underrated thing. He was out there for 46 minutes on the bad hamstring didn't do a lot. Had the lateral movement of a Rose bush defensively. So you had a hard time there, but it was there. So if he could play absolutely cap to that guy gutted it out. They are. Gentlemen, the Cubs take on all world picture Jacob deGrom. Today he's sporting a 0.56 e r a in a 0.53 Whip shot or no shot they score off of him today. That's a shot. Comes gonna win today. Really? Mm. Wow. You betting that Let me check the numbers. Yeah, I don't know. Hey, listen, I'm looking at it right now. I'm gonna check the numbers. I've just got someone's going to step out here. You cub fans are too afraid just because the grounds are maybe the Cubs get hot. I hope they win, but I have a feeling there and get the ever living crap Beaten on Carmen says there plus 2 40. Thank you, Carm. You get out of there, Carmen. Um, the Mets are 1.5 point 1.5 run favorite, Or you could just get the money line up, which is probably minus 2 70. Take back plus 2 40 for the Cubs. Yeah, Hard pass, so over under is 6.5 for runs. Take the under. Yes. Take the under, but I will click Cubs. How about that? Wow. How about that? How about that Some of you had some balls in this show. I'll click. You know, I'll click. Chicago comes right now. Robert Stack. He's got a stock. You told Jesse staff I did proffered stack with his machine gun and his little untouchable. Robert Stack out there. If we had a got okay, arm going Everyone's like, Oh, you're gonna have to deal with 101 tonight. Why, at every other team that will not sign that guy when he got released because Robert Stack is out there, you still believe in the under. It's an unsolved mystery actually kept A really good question. You get out of there. Might want to go over. Mhm. Cubs win now. I hope they do. I just I'm not putting my money on it. No, thank you. I'll be rooting for him. You know, but that's just baseball. Is that Miller like Of course, the heavy underdog will be the Cubs. But what about the Cubs? Just getting ahold of one. It is stringing together. A couple of base hits here and there. Yeah, like they could easily score one run, but I'm And the thing is the ground's been dealing with. You know these this latte issue that has shortened his starts the last couple times out, So that would be if I was betting if I wanted to bet on the Mets. My big concern. Well, you've also had forearm tightness Did me Not this year that if he had if he had to do this, it was remember. It was his latte, right? It was his Let the shoulder a lot of great baseball players. The Graham Flaherty Listen, me and the 60 leagues. Alright, move along. I'll tell you this. Look, you're showing the big balls here. I'm not betting the cubs. I'm just trying to get part of the open tomorrow. What about me by me saying the Cubs are going to win. I just want to be part of the open. Well, since you brought it up, you just do you see what I think Pedro Martinez is trying to get to be part of the open as well, He said this yesterday and MLB network and I think Talking about the sticky substances. Guess what? It's my game, and I dictate how I want my balls to be rubbed up. If you didn't do the job, robbing.

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