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You know you might have to commit around five pick and around let you could take around five and six pick on if you really like hopkinson and then dak prescott or something like that you would need one of the two to slide. I think unless got hurt. Your guy hockey needs case fan. Hopkinson is going sixty seconds. So it's the very end of around five and dak. Prescott is gearing. Fiftieth lamar jackson fiftieth. All right if you made that russell wilson he's going back kinston so you could you with the last pick of round five in the first pick around six. Yeah and it's conceivable. If you had the mark andrews going sixty fifth so he's going after harkinson. You could have a middle middle of the round pick and add about fifty seven overall. Take kyla murray or something like that. If he's there. Were one of those quarterbacks and then hope to get mark andrews in the next round maybe hopkinson falls a few spots. You might get a little bit lucky but but that strategy overall. What do you think about two running backs two receivers or some combination of that with your first four picks and then a quarterback in a tight end. You'll get the second tier of quarterback. Dave puts mahomes in that same year. So we the first or the second year but a top six quarterback and top six tight. End in rounds. Five and six can do it. I think it's good. My my preference would be because i think gen like i know what the adp is. No all those guys are late round five early round six. The quarterbacks are experiences generally in round six. You will find one of those quarterbacks. It's usually russell wilson. Sometimes it's dak prescott it. It has been lamar jackson which is astonishing to me but it sometimes he. He falls to the last year that group i. I love getting five running backs wide receivers. And then taking the last of the quarterbacks in round six and then taking god or fanton round seven okay dave do you have a. You have a thought on that. No i think that he's planned is fine. You just have to like got her to do it. And you have to get goddard and seven. You should not reach for dallas. Gutter is the point that i'll make today's. Let's let's have fan debate. Then because he's obviously dave you have him in that third tier but at the bottom of like the tier ranges. i think i've got that ranges routes five through seven. Yes and if i broke out of that tear the range would be round five basically for hopkinson and andrews and pits and then got a ruby in his own tier as around seven pick. I'm not as jazzed about him. As other people are the distribution from hurts last year the addition of devante smith. We'll nervous about him getting a ton of targets. Anything else you wanna say or throw it over to heath five point seven targets per game with hurts. Fourteen percent target share from hurts. No red zone targets from hurts in three and three quarters games. Averaged six point six yards per attempt with was eight point seven and Hertzel run in the red zone. That could take away targets in the red zone which were not existent already last year. He's made the case for got her..

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