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For the holidays. We've been helping San Diegan celebrate the season for more than thirty five years. Here are Gary Marquel and Tom Kapiti co-owners of Markelle design and remodeling. Hi. I'm Gary Marshall Cal at the holidays. There's nothing more special than enjoying all the comforts of home and the true blessings of family and good friends through the years. We've had the privilege of getting to know families throughout San Diego. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each of you the very best for the holidays, health and happiness in the new year. I'm calm copy on behalf of Gary in the entire Markelle team. I'd also like to wish you all a great holiday celebration and the best for the coming. Here. We considered an honor that we've helped make so many homes they've place families gather and create memorable moments with one another year after year. Thank you so much for continuing to trust your home to us Markelle design and remodeling making the most of your home for the holidays and every day of the year, you can trust your home. To us. AM seven sixty KFI. nine minutes after the hour on first light want. I say happy birthday this morning to one of the best. Dick Van Dyke is ninety three years old today still performing and going strong, Dick Van Dyke. You are the man, and that's I laughed half. I g that's first light for this half hour with more to come. I'm Michael Toscano. First light is a production of Westwood One. News. Resort casino. They're more ways than ever to play your perfect combination. Swim splash. So at the four acre pool by day. I hit the lips the night. I hit the slots Tonga mine is relax, and then some more relaxed. Me time by the pool we time. Whoever you are you'll find more ways to escape more ways to celebrate and more ways to win at pechanga resort casino in Temecula. Dan.

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