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I'm used to waking up and checking the box score of the good old baseball season at so we kind of go through this this summer right a dollar that's where americana yeah summer road trips yeah I'm checking the box score right that's kind of how there is a very sad sight yes yes yes yes yes what what what what was a sad sight I went to a restaurant an outdoor patio that was across the street from the great Wrigley Field okay and there is a group of people next to us morning some box score and no there they were a family and they'd clearly scheduled like I'm not ready to Chicago so there from morning to morning and the mom was like well thanks for my first baseball game guys and both my wife and I are sitting at the table next to them you know like six feet away obviously we're both just like all that kind of thing I've ever heard is located across the street on the street corner with a sad trombone plays just a balloon that's not in flight for example if a man so it you should talk to their family the drive for what they don't know that the baseball season is cancelled or even their **** goes from a state were covered nineteen apparently is not a big deal to them so they drive in to the big city looking at all the tall buildings back from Chicago I mean they're all wearing becomes is you know how the out of towners from my this is their big weekend in the big city it is it is for them not so much sorrow for Porto baseball rained down to a little bit of rain delay to there's a little bit of weather moving through the area last night but feel bad for Linda yeah I listed in the crew I use Linda and the the couple Brad's and you know their their daughter Irene to bread spread one inbred too well I mean you know no relation but you know the dad's name is Brad and then she married a guy named Brad this is weird wow they then they they that they both go along for the trip yeah yeah well it's summer so you know I I the thing that I thought about is that like you go through the summer days and baseball's going on you check the box score except for this summer we get a different version of that it's you check the box score on whether not baseball will play or not it's a daily thing right you check it Hey it's baseball gonna play now nope they're not going to play and then you go back back to your normal day rightly so every show we've done since like middle of April has open the same way where we look at baseball and say Hey baseball you gonna play we check the box score when we try and find out whether or not you're out this pandemic of baseball's gonna come back and play in each and every day we check we get the answer no not every single time the answer is no in the end listen originally I looked at it as the players needed to accept that their employees for a bigger picture and that if baseball wanted to implement whatever the season was whatever the pay cut was you gotta get back you gotta give laying baseball the figure out what you can do for the future well that opinion has completely flipped in my mind because now it's just the owner's messing around with the employees and the owners don't want to take any caught in a situation where now we all see businesses doing things to try and survive yet baseball does not care they don't care at all C. find the owners today going into Monday I I. except the players offer if I'm the owners knowing full well there's no way in hell your play seventy games after you have two states shut down their spring training facilities because of covert nineteen outbreaks and basically every facility in Arizona and Florida has been shut down if I'm the owners I know damn well we're not gonna play seventy games so I in good faith so I get the good press I go sure seventy games of course absolutely now we'll figure out the health stuff because you know they're not gonna be able to right away that's going to be the problem because the players are now saying we're not going to respond to your offer until we assess the health situation we'll find the owners I go to them and I say no no no no no we're good we're good we're at seven games seven games and then you try to figure out the health stuff because after you figure out all the health stuff and we're gonna play in after players start showing up to facilities and they test positive and they have to be core team because it's gonna happen a percentage of the population is going to test positive baseball players are in themselves a population just like college football players and I fell players we're starting to see positive tests all over the place it with sports players so because of that you show up people test positive like oh well we can only played fifty five games anyway sorry and so what adults talking about their Jesse Rogers on ESPN dot com has the article and Jesse rice this Major League Baseball players won't vote on the league's latest proposal to return to the field until they collect new data regarding testing for covert nineteen after several recent outbreaks at training facilities in the major league cities have taken place a source familiar with the situation has told ESPN so vote could have taken place on Sunday but now it will be delayed a day or two you're right about all the owners could say we accept it and then it will go back to the players to say well we don't think the safety protocols are sent place here's buster Olney on SportsCenter talking about how the season is not looking good for multiple reasons right now there is growing pessimism on both sides that they're going to be able to pull this off because of these two enormous obstacles first the financial obstacle yesterday the the Major League Baseball owners informed the Players Association that they're not going to alter their offer from earlier in the week of sixty gain full pro rated salary to the players and think about this to get to a middle ground of say sixty five to sixty six games would cost each of thirty teams about four to five million dollars but they're not willing to do that they're absolutely entrenched in it might be that rob Manfred might implement a season of say forty eight or fifty four games but that's only going to complicate the second obstacle which is the health and safety protocol and look it's hard to know where teams might be able to play whether it's in their home ballparks or neutral site in a bubble there needs to be absolute collaboration and cooperation between these two sides to pull this off and they are so far from that right now so as buster only license boards are he also went on to say that rob Manfred is trying to show that he's putting in effort to get this done I can tell you that an MLB side they're not afraid of a grievance per se they're not losing sleep over night it was very interesting the other day the sequence of events with rob Manfred going out see Tony Clark and then after that meeting was over rob issuing a statement that began with the words at my request as you read it you understood it rob Manfred got all the secrets of trading is a lawyer and it was like he was checking every box and if you're a pair of raise the wording in that.

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