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The paper for your last night last night I didn't go that. Well. I. Caught. Quick. Was that the guy is harder than you thought it was gonna be you're not gonNa Punch what what you could have went better there. The I made a bad read. You know I kind of. Zig. Zag. That was like way too worried about defending the takedown when really. Minnow is wanted to get to his neck a little bit quicker, but he faked take down through over hand and got me in the right spot and I just you know a mis read it and I fell for the fake Oh class Acre and there was a one time that I paid for it. Got It. Got It. Okay. All right. Well, Hey, learn more mistakes. You've had seventy fights. So it's okay. put your fighting. Is Darren win will I was there was Such an amazing fight 'cause they were hyping this guy, this guy is the next big thing and he was kicking your body for two rows and I'm like Nah. Man Gerald is GonNa get them it again and you fuck you got there around you came back i. mean that was that was one of your best fights you think. It was good fight. It was a fun fight I don't understand why everyone thinks I'm losing all the time because even that fight like I lost the first round but the second round it was when I started hurting him to the body and I had them running away from me like why is it every time? Even what I'm doing? Well, Slow White Guy. He's getting this chick out of them after I land like six punches that doesn't make any sense to me I. Don't know maybe because you're like wrapped around the and like stumbling and stuff and like about not getting I don't know I think you were losing I bought it might have been even was even. Kicking his ass I take it back every. Frontal. But that was a that was an awesome fight and then you heard him I'm like, no, don't go to the ground you choke them out quickly. So, that was that was pretty awesome to and who do you think one when a AJ in crystalline billboards watch the yeah. Watch that fight who'd you think out of the? I thought Chris Fight. Yet. Will I okay. I was it was. The, first couple rounds reclose second round was. I I was For Mirror Shard we've got we've got mirroring. Was Getting. Here. Weirdest. Last week. What's Your Question Register? Thanks So yeah. Okay. So you're fighting now, why are you going to five? You don't want to Kuwait. They just offered me a well, what was supposed to be a quick last minute fight they said, hey, you wanNA fight at hermit to a five dollars. I should. Yeah. I'll fight at Hermanez over five months filing me. So really you know he's really eighty five or doesn't want to cut wait anymore and I get it. It sucks he's getting older. He's fought you know. Pretty much as much as I have, which is weird because he's usually I'm the veteran he's been in the UFC longer than I've been fighting. So for me, this is really weird role reversal where he's actually been in the game way longer than I. Have Right. Right. Did you did you drive home by yourself? Yes. All My guy and you weren't worried about driving home with covert and possibly like. Having. The getting sick. I try not to think about it because if it was going to happen, there wasn't much I could do about it but the you know the dry was nice for the first half of it Utah was really a Nice Colorado is nice and then I got to Nebraska Yeah. That's what J. Trump I. What was the Preska? Driving Dinner Brask is the worst is how it is painful. There's nothing to see his flat. There's nothing to see. It's least. Colorado Mountains. You see a thousand miles of cornfields. Pretty much. Yeah Or. now know Gerald now you're married, right? I am what are your wife say your kids they they worried about getting cogan donald have kids yet but my wall, my wife's in was in medical device sales. So she's in hospitals a lot anyway. So it kind of sucks because now she's staying with her sister right now we gotta stay separated because even you know even if I got a negative test immediately after that her job requires that she stays away from me for at least ten days of not two weeks. So I recently got tested again hopefully comes back negative because I feel fine. I've been working out and stuff, and if it doesn't. Just going to be really big pain in the ass I gotta wait another week to take another test. So see what happens. In your wife ten days. Yeah well I've seen her like outside the House and we'll. Talk to each other. Properly social distance with masks on and stuff like we haven't been in the same room or anything for ten days and you can get. Cyprus. How do I get Kobe? That sounds awesome. Today's talking relaxing J. Two or no. Good. Man All right. So you're alone masturbating hanging out in the house angrily all day angrily Juergen off Falkman. Don Any advisor. To come back. It always masturbation Jag and. Apparently. Civilized around. Have you ever met Don. Fried. I haven't. Fun fact, I got a cousin who's really really nerdy and the one connection we have between main him is he's really into Godzilla and I'd never knew this but Don Frye was in Godzilla movie y he told me a story about how Don Frye was that you know he would call into some guy's illich convention and make fun of all the little nerds there. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Is True. What what do you say to those nerves? Expect. Appreciate their. Money. Remember what I say to people. You of God's that's true. That's true. All right. So m may news. With. A world. So. Thank you appreciate your one of my favorite. So Jeff Neal almost died. He's out of his sucks. This do like knocked out Mike Perry this guys on a roll using killing people he was supposed to fight Neil Magny. He's out of that fight. Now, Neil Magny is fighting Robbie lawler which is a good fight but I was Kinda of looking forward to Jeff Neal fight because lawler has not look the same. In a while who would we like an F.? I?.

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