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It's Tuesday August fourth I'm Kyle Sour offer and here's your local news from the Los Angeles Times brought to you by quantify the Revolutionary Mobile first business school that seeks ambition not just your tuition selective admissions insure you learn alongside students and alumni from around the world who match your potential hear their stories and learn about the modern MBA at Quantico. Dot Edu Slash L. A.. Today will be mostly sunny with a high close to ninety degrees in a low tonight of sixty to. Our Top story Californian, Sam filed more than nine million unemployment claims with the employment development. Department. Since the pandemic began, but some state workers say that claims processing is hampered by outdated technology and a shortage of trained staff and during a legislative hearing. Last week agency officials acknowledged they were unprepared. The DD has a four to six week. Wait time to return calls to claim its last week though Governor Gavin newsom created a team to come up with a plan and forty five days to improve the e d d including eventual replacement of the computer system. The agency is also hiring several thousand workers. In. Education News with the new school year starting on August Eighteenth, the La Unified School district, and it's Teacher's Union reached a tentative agreement yesterday over what the school day will look like remotely under the agreement. The day will last from nine. AM until two fifteen pm with live online interaction, small report and independent work. Teachers are also expected to work an average of six hours per day with office hours available for students and parents to connect with teachers..

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