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Docks so god guy wanted some docs well I'll tell you what god again when we well I will put myself in in the background you Rogers said six hundred million dollars studying those restaurants all around them and then there's very few guys J. why I'm drawn so I'm done yes the primary ones the helpful IT Dr Deanna she's a guy with a what I really get myself but why not put it went in on the map because the city gets danced why do you much the pharmacy is not back call now with global warming we have two or three full other than that it's it's pretty cold you're looking you Dr restaurant right now they're still in rescue dogs around no I'm not I would I like Charlie camp backdrop dried out I gotta be honest I think that would be great but it's the optics of it they want to have one eastern one western out of the office why does Vegas thing once all the so called lock you brought up this point a long time ago this is open for business these casinos are open people walk around anywhere even Edmonton Toronto who cares of the new hub cities are Canadian I wouldn't care if it was LA or whatever it doesn't really matter you're going to be stuck there for months playing games but that's the way they want to do what they want for optics reason they wanna have one US one Canadian widely used one west yeah I just don no one even cares what we don't hold all my station even matter does it matter all right back so let's get into what port Adelaide and west port Adelaide west why why are we are getting seven and a half points right now was stubborn about last night but was still separate back west coast eagles general point underdogs what what's your take on the game our west coast eagles while this sounds a bit like you'll go dipping down there on the golf gods and they get a little stick the ball fell is it Mister wives.

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