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A mother accused of killing her nine year old son serve county amber james in court this afternoon were prosecutors charged with firstdegree murder saying it was premeditated her year old son was killed earlier this week police say she confessed to suffocating the board of seattle police officer who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting multiple coworkers still on the payroll even after his sentencing that happened today carlos mitch pittman true female court workers and one male coworkers gave their statements at the sentencing of officer john night and he was always brain about how he knew people and that he was untouchable night is a twenty eight year veteran of the seattle police department night himself chose not to speak but his lawyer did claim that nobody was endanger the evidence some two a case he said she said night wanted his sentence suspended which means he would miss jail time and none of this would appear on his criminal record but the judge sided with the victim's engaged a deferred sentence meaning that if he stays out of trouble for a year he's still want go to jail but this will be on his record ever since the allegations were made well over a year ago night has been on paid administrative leave and now even after pleading guilty to assaulting his coworkers night is still on paid administrative leave komos mitch pittman democrat you're a washington take aim at the republican tax reform plan saying it's not the boone to the middle class the trump mix it out to be almost be contrast both republican and democratic view on this person trump who's been clamoring for weeks to get this taxable moving says it'll be great for the middle class and this is going to have a tremendously positive impact on business and jobs and i honestly think we're going to get it done but democratic senator maria cantwell says this is not the bill president trump makes it out to be she poised to the bills proposed elimination of a deduction for state and local sales taxes and the limited might place on mortgage interest deduction scrapping them at five hundred thousand dollars to not have that deductibility in the future of means something to people so let's not hurry.

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