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And you have to find a way to play the game without that in mind because if you put that in your mind, just put too much pressure yourself in focus becomes an fluid and to get to that place. You just described is that an individual singer to your teammates and the head coach and your coordinators team get their this team Steph was it easier for you because you were with the patriots. And they had they had a let's just say a bit of experience with I think, so you know, Tom, Matthew Slater. Tom would be Tom Brady. Correct. Exactly. Tom Tom Brady, they all gave Julian amendola. Chris HOGAN, all these guys. Obviously the head coach Chatto shea was my was the receiver. Coach still is. They gave me a ton of advice. And they made sure that I was prepare for the moment. Not in the sense of being overwhelmed, but understand the opportunity and being ready to execute. What is it? The Tom Brady represents different a lifestyle. What do you mean? By the football is not a job. It's not a hobby. It's not it's his life. It's representation of who. He is not in the sense. And he works at it. Correct. And it's not in the sense of it consumes him by any means because we've had conversations about random things that he's done in his lifetime. But there is no off season. There is no meal plan for when I'm into season versus when I'm lay from me. It's no it's his life. America, Mitchell, did a great pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much. And by a really appreciate our appreciate you to take out podcast enjoying every moment. Of this extravaganza. Open mic. We just find people and they show up. Now this next guest. We didn't just find data Jacobsen is easily findable within the CBS family. Anchor of CBS this.

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