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Do you out two hundred thirty one books of anything? No. The the original sixty to sixty two six I wanna leave a review of the kindle the kindle paper. Why that got in my this is bullshit? I downloaded goosebumps. Didn't have the Bebel cover for me to feel like this is trash. Yeah. Did you have any friends over to their house? And they're like, you know, what I've got some better than goosebumps in amorphous man anymore memes. Or some of the funniest there are are funny. Memes. At the same time as goosebumps. Yeah. I don't I think. Are never heard of animals until the memes memes. Are the best though, I don't think I've ever seen goosebumps me anymore toy 'cause you really. Yeah. It was awful as a pure by guy. Did it was like a transformer? Yeah. It was it was a bird in the middle of his chest. And it flipped his head. Went do chest. And is the bird though. Yeah. That's the noise. It made always. All right. So that's bumps. No second address. Here we go the second annual Jay Leno challenge. Seven headlines best of seven after the winner. We'll still read through all seven. I'm not going to cut it off as someone gets sweet PF. You're the judge. Yeah. Fun. Trill, Ken, Jack. Can I play the music? Sure. All right, ready. Yes. Kevin Eubanks to ukulele of. So seven headlines from screen rant that. We did not use the podcast. Started out. Number one. You hear about this? You gonna see this one George arm. Martin confirms game of thrones prequel is called the long. The long long night. Folks, when asked about the long, Georgia Martin said, it's spilling. But I wish Penn station at a bigger size. Yeah. Actually the night in question is played by Johnny sins. His name was going to be Lord winter too. So they don't have to change. The winter is coming slogan. I'm gonna give this round one goes trill. Brevity is the soul of wit is. Is that the first? Yeah. Sure. Yeah. It's funny. Even when I say that phrase, and then add onto it at the end that really hampers the point home. Okay. I I would agree with you. Call it. Do we get the? Oh, this lied. Yeah. Okay. Here we go number to see this one. He about this dragon ball twenty weirdest. Details about cells anatomy. Sure about oh, go ahead. Can check goes. I I never read that article. But I read one of the same name about the HBO show us. Good. That's pretty good. Not sure about self oaks. But the weirdest part of dragon ball dragon ball z fan anatomy or their Dicks that retract into their body. Okay. I gotta go with Kim Jack round to go. That was good that one. Can I was good again? It was short. It made me connect the dots on my own which I really didn't get it. I definitely get it. I that's all my jokes jokes. It takes twenty steps to get there firm, minimal pale. That's put that makes me feel smart that the episode where Francis was highs. Hell, oh and couldn't figure them out with incredible see Iran contra joke glue as mine. All right. I got a couple more now. But he was like that was incredible. Okay. Guys, this one how about this? Iran man's newest armor is his most ridiculous yet. Folks, this armor, it's powered by monster energy drink, and it crashes itself into a big lots..

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