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Get to work right to your destination in your home, your drinking your coffee. We got a bunch of bunch of phone calls. Who do you wanna go to pick one pick? I'm with you living, and it's not about something because it's about you right now. Pick one. Okay, so don't worry about the n word, okay? Is that? What the Bronx Dave? The boogie down? Broke a sword or I want to go to Alice Cooper. First our school inside. Okay. Good morning, Alice. Thank you so much. Hi. If you work in New York state, and you're in a company with 15 employees of more you have to take a class about sexual harassment. Have to take it online and I found the 1st 5 10 minutes. Unbelievably offensive and confusing. It shows up family going into a hospital room carry blue balloons. It's the boy, and it's implied. You shouldn't do that. Mm hmm. Hey, Alice. I'm with you because when Lydia started this, uh what's the term again? Gender queer, Right? I got a headache, so I can't even follow. You know what? So I would be offended as well, because if you go in the house and go into the hospital room with blue balloons or pink balloons and quality day Right. But now when you even have the New England Journal of Medicine, saying you shouldn't because I just don't understand. This is my thing. I don't care about the don't drink. That's that's totally different topics. Those are two separate topics. Then I don't have a gender and you can't use this pro now, nor this. Maybe they need to come up with their own program. Why is it offensive to call someone a pronoun? You tell me which one you are, but you have to have a gender. This is biology. What is? You know you have to have a gender. It would be like I understand gender fluid. There's there's a comedian that came out. Do you know what that terminology means? No way. Sometimes you feel like a man. And sometimes you feel so why can't we just say bye sent you? No, no, no, no, no. Because has no gender has nothing to do with sexuality. They say you know what? Okay, You know what my wife would agree with you right now? Because she's like Dominic. Why don't you just call them what they want to be called you? No, No, I agree with that. But I mean, but you want me to say they and you know Well, they is weird. That's that's what I don't get. Because that's plural. That's a plural pronoun. But if you're you're either a man or your woman And if you want, if you born as a girl, and you want to be a guy or vice versa, That's okay. That's fine. Go through the process. But at 10 years old, I don't know that something's going on here that we're having younger and younger kids saying this type of stuff and parents actually going through the steps to do it. That's that's my opinion, you know, Let's go to one way. Talked about race in the n word. How about David? The Bronx? Good morning, Dave. You're on talk with the L 77 w A. B. C. Yeah. Best to you and happy New Year to you and your family..

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