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All of us now we're back rook politics here on struggles tough leader mnlf i'm tom bevan cofounder publisher joined on the phone by karl cannon our washington bureau chief executive editor big cheese at the company carl how are you it's cold here is a probably even colder and chicago hours well i'm well however you okay so carl lewis let's get to the south franken is because you know it was a we talked about this last couple of weeks on the program the mi2 movement sexual harassment in you've got folks who you know are losing their livelihoods and reputations and alf ranking was one of those guys who had some women come forward and accuse him of various sort of sexual improprieties he was grabbing their butts and you know trying to kiss some women unwanted advances and what not and he said look i'm i'm sorry i'm the big defender of women i'm going to do better and all that but i'm going to stay and he got back to the senate and another accusation came forward and it was like a it was like a ambush he got whacked by seven democratic women came out in this coordinated attack led by kirsten jilib ran and by the end of the day it was thirty two i think thirty two democratic senators the head of the dnc and that was all she wrote for frank in the next day he went to the will of the senate and said it said he was resigning at some point in the future which led to do with it maybe he's gonna try and renege on that at some point but we'll have to wait and see but carl what do we make of this dirty lessons learned was this just pure political posturing on the part of the democrats caitlyn mentioned at the top of the show cleaning their own house so they can turn around and beat republicans up over war and more if he wins the senate race on tuesday that is that what this is all about or is this really about now hearing in believing women who come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct and impropriety well.

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