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Diana is in is it would be island, Diana Whitby island. And where is that in the Puget Sound? Oh, beautiful. Well, so I always about twelve years old when my dad took me down to Los Angeles harbor. They show me Admiral words, you wouldn't vote. Appear to be about exceed long and a great fuzzed. Oh, I don't know thirty feet, but it was very special. I had I did know about animal was quite delightful to go and see it. And by the way, you're my favorite guest host. Oh, that's very kind of you. So how long ago was this? And it was open to the public. Anyone could go. Oh, no. My dad just happen to know about it. I was about twelve years old then. And so he always was able to find special things found in the harbor. And is this the boat that he used to to travel to the Arctic? Yes, it is. And also, I think that he also went to the Arctic can this phone off. Wooden boat. My word was quite amazing. It was very impressive. When I was younger. Well, thank you for sharing that I appreciate it. Let's see let's say hi to lira is in the Mojave desert. Hello lira. Welcome to coast to coast. Hi, moral nervous. I think that having out here. I I don't know if I'm going to get hung up on by a by whatever's out here, but I'm gonna try and get through this. I'm trying to find out if I wanted to tell you guys about this long enough anybody's had any experiences like this because I'm I don't know what to do. I I moved out to Chow stubborn city Mojave area like twenty years ago and ever since then I usually had aliens for neighbors. You know, they are speaking. I mean there there's different kinds of your time. And I got used to it. And I got to know him and take pictures, as you know, everyone was nice and friendly and kept her distance, and you know, respectful that of thing, and then when we moved out to our friends property our house is still on. And we bought a you RV. His property, and we're like really in the middle of the geyser. But I'm going to get you to hold on here. We're up against a break. Hold on. We'll get to the rest of your story when we come back Clarence Carter taking us into the break with slip away on coast to coast AM..

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