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Somehow I don't know how Interesting let's carried over to Monday night. Raw returned from Seventh Month. Layoff on a moment of bliss and end up defeating the women's team champions in a non title match. I liked Ray mysterio backstage. Hyping the tag match with Seth. Ron's and Buddy Murphy. South walked in and Ray congratulated him on becoming a dad and seth just stared at him and under his breath. -rageous said what a Dick and I thought that was pretty good Shannon Bachelor says says that Becky's baby is going to suck and that she threw away her career to become a mother I'm sure that there were wrestling fans. That really felt that way so for them to get the all clear for Shannon. Cut that Promo. I thought was great for her care to development an adds to her being a eventual. Big Time he'll Indo Dewey Alyssa black and Ramos defeated Seth Ron's and Buddy Murphy by disqualification when Raymond. Ceo Seth to snap out of his trance. Trance was very funny. Then Ron's attacking ray is by putting raise. I by putting them into the corner of the still steps. I thought was Really Graphic and for whatever reason continue to punch the hell out of Ramos Stereo as raise getting looked at by doctors without so black race to apologize. Rollins tries to apologize to. Ray says he doesn't know what happened. And also black and buddy murphy battle. It out which makes me wonder where things are going with the Seth Ron's character of in radio and challenging edge to arrest match at backlash edge doesn't respond and doesn't look shorter himself because he hasn't wrestled in nine years which I thought was an interesting layer of this storyline. So far Dr Trae. What were some of your takeaways thoughts from raw this past Monday? I squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw the iconic back on TV. I I love Peyton and billy I think they are so annoying as heels that you have to aid them but the flipside easily see them being like the female version of the new day. Their baby faces like they are very funny. They have great timing and they have a lot of charisma is just that is counter baron carbon stuff or even the Mizzou like. They're so good being ill that you have to hate them but you have I. I appreciate how good they are in. It's I I laugh to myself when ray called Seth Adik because of the pregnancy angle. I don't know what I don't know what it popped me for that reason alone And I I dig the Seth Zombie. Type thing your Like I dig that in. It's because I've portrayed that character in when in that character and you're so focused on its destiny has to happen in. It doesn't happen it kind of breaks you. I've played that type of character so I told totally dig the way he did that By the way I hated the q the metric is. It didn't make sense until I had to read. There's unwritten visit. Man Rule is confusing. I was like he's in the match. It's okay to attack the Guy Right. He's in two thousand four. But apparently Vince has a rule that If you're on the outside of the ring you cannot actually attack the person on the inside of the ring. I I never heard that before. But it's a visceral but And the Randy the randy edge segment. I thought was really good. And and my God. I Love Randy Orton. Like the way he can carry himself in the way he can do different nuances with his characteristic of I just love it An edge may have the best selling like selling his expressions through his eyes of anybody. I've seen other than the guy who was surprised. That undertaker lost at wrestlemainia. Does he could sell it with his eyes edges phenomenal. It's great to see him back. Love that edge is back there Let's go to impact wrestling here. Thought the opening to impact was hilarious. Tna Voice Guy Antena legends talking about Moose Cody diener Gordon. Vignette was awesome again. The North re defending the impact wrestling tag team championship. Against the snow's Was another fund segment Rosemary Johnny Bravo potentially starting romance segment as per my interest and moves continues to really be a great character with a so Teena- world championship stuff as he defeated suicide to retain. I'm really enjoying Moose right now. Dr Impact Wrestling this stuff with. Tna is his hilarious. I'd the Mousse has you. I almost I really wasn't but he has developed so many layers and I know that's kind of the theme of the show but storytelling factors so much into wrestling in cared death factors in so much in the stuff that he's done over the years from going from straight like almost Ahmed Johnson type clone to worries at now is just tremendous and just a short amount of time I also really liked the Trae a erosion match. I came to. I can't pronounce the guy's name because it's it's baffling to me but I I really love. I'm enjoying this tournament because unlike mandate to do a lot of different stuff in the seeing Hernandez over Madman Fulton I'm like wow. So we're trying to elevate them. The old impact guys seen crazy stephen his segment Who's a local guy at a Tennessee? That we all love of this area like there was a lot of good on impact. The diener stuff. I love those diener quarantine. That's like the second one now. Both of them in really good. I've seen so there's thoroughly entertaining in just adds to like how deep impacts. Rosser really can be at times Because there's a lot of talent they don't really use all that regularly so Just a really fun. Show that the Tuesday night Let's go to dark side the ring here just I have to say all those episodes are great. The last right of the road warriors than was another great episode enough. He saw Dr Trae but The series is phenomenal and They're GONNA have Owen Hart. His tragedy be the season finale. This upcoming Tuesday. This could be a must watch for my viewing standpoint. Yeah that one's programming. Some tears of is the dark side. I haven't seen all the rotors sussman. Clips it was funny. That Paul said the name came from Eamon and I was like no it came from comic books. Came from the League. Due from DC comics come from e man know where your name came from Paul but also Rachel got released swigs. They had other things on his mind. let's move to Wednesday nights here. We'll start with aws dynamite. I like the cody and Lance Archer. Peralta open up dynamite Chris. Jericho defeated pineapple. Pete D- And then destroying vanguard accept the challenge for the stadium stampede match with the inner circle taken on the elite. I assume that will happen. Double or nothing I love the line for Jim. Ross where he just said during the smashing the inner circle smashing vanguard one when he said they are beating up an inanimate object That line just got me and Matt Hardy coming out to be. Unconsolable was Was Interesting so w dynamite. This past week has some of my takeaway. Dr Trae Young. I'm interested in this whole Stadium Brawl rather calling it because stadium standard medium stampede. Which has shows Jericho's Calgary stampede days apparently But the fact that they're going to I'm I I'm guessing most the show will take place at Daly plays but this will actually be inside the stadium where the Jaguars play like. You have a an entire stadium to fight in. This is going to be one of those cinematic events Is We kinda see what what Aws take on it like what their style is going to be because they have Matt Hardy. But they don't have Jeremy Borsch Salinas's you how it plays out but we have to tire stadium to fight in with no fans. Things can get kind of areas. I'm really intrigued to see that. I was bummed out that Pineapple Pete didn't get more time in the ring kind of hoping this'll be like one of those almost. I don't say one two three kid. Razor Ramon type things but you know a little bit more offense. I mean he got three booths and then you know Jews effect. Put the match away but I was. I don't know either but the Promo leading in you know should be talking about Jericho the whole house man. They're they're kind of staging. This could be upset and then bone was over. Blake Maslo bummed out but overall I the only the only thing about that show that it didn't enjoys the main event but outside that an aws from start about the our forty five mark was on fire and really fun to watch and they've had very enjoyable shows There's I don't think they're the entire year. There has not been a bad awa done in my and this is coming from two guys that were very apprehensive about the product and very honest and critical of the product as well as it was beginning to launch. They've just been doing a great job you can't you can't knock what what's going on and would is great television right now. Like eight of mine was carried over last year to annex t imperium defeated Matt and Timothy Win The Annex Tag Team Championship is that Thatcher Abandoned Riddle Riddell and Thatcher backstage post-match more on them in a bit. I was disappointed. See that because I was really enjoy. What Thatcher and rental were doing thought thought? It was very entertaining. The student era had a zoom call. And I agree that Roger Shrunk should take out Dexter Luma's thought that was pretty entertaining deacs announced NFC takeover in your house for Sunday. June south deputy. We now work once again. Wbz polling on my nostalgia heartstrings. It seems like that's what they love to do with annexes. Just pull on those star heartstrings. Camera Grimes defeated Finn. Ballard after Damian priest attacks fan battle with a night stick revealing that he was the one who attacked Ballard for weeks ago. once again another great guard dinner with are gone on a segment where they take aim keithly fleeing me a Yelm. We'll be seeing a inner Jenner tacky match at some point maybe NFC takeover in your house. Then lastly Matt riddle the Feeding Timothy Thatcher. I thought it was a great wrestling match really fun wrestling match. And the Andy Mayor With Thatcher putting the arm bar back on riddle and riddle screaming for pain and tapping post-match Thatcher looking. Raise the camera like a psychopath. I thought was great. Close show both shows on Wednesday night to me. Were awesome doctor. I was disappointed Thatcher rental. Break up so soon but I think it makes sense with the current climate of annexed. He at this moment. Yeah it makes sense but also with the rumors of Europe being able to open up their borders June fifteenth Means that next month we get the return of you. Probably get the return of Pete done. And if that if that's the case then hey we might get Pete Dunnigan against stature that or Thatcher and Walter gets done and riddle you know. We got some different variables. We can work with so I figure at some point there have to break them up..

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