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He has this attitude of how to win and he wanted to win and he wanted to be perfect at what he did when Jamie came along and we first tested him. We could see straight away that Jamie actually had potential more speed than we than we thought. And Jamie was amazing with his feedback and the amount of information he could absorb doing laps. It was really spectacular. Without a drive for the 2006 season, Jamie wing cut flew from Victoria to Queensland to meet with triple-A management, Roland Dane talks about that fateful day. He did fly up short notice to talk to me after bathurst and 2005. And he had a sit down with me had met a couple of the key engineers as well. And yeah, basically made it clear that he'd do whatever's necessary to get to get his bum in the in the seat of one of our cars. He. His motivation was clearly there from the start. His hunger was there. And he was the only one of the three people that I was seriously considering at the time. Who didn't immediately ask about money? Triple H Lee driver was Craig lounge, the most popular driver in Sue because history, and the man that Rowland was building the team around. So when he first came to the team, he was enthusiastic. He was probably a little bit Shaw as well. But his enthusiastic and really keen to learn and develop as a driver, like we all were when we were first getting an opportunity with the major team like that. Rollins said that the team was looking for a number two driver for one important reason. You were looking for a number two driver could double up as you're allowed to in those days. For the enduro races and give us the best possible chance of winning winning the battles 1000. And we already had that stage a number one driver in Craig. So yes, we wanted somebody who had the potential to grow into a major force, but that particular point in time at the end of O 5 is about putting together the strongest possible team for bassist 1000. Craig lounge. I wasn't involved in the actual decision making of sawing Jamie, but I know at the time that role and did make that point that we're looking for a teammate that was in the same sort of heart stature as me and really that the focus for role and from my understanding was more so better. And that was obviously a race that has enticed role under come to Australia in the first place. So that was his goal was to put a super team together to get the result of bathurst and hopefully a championship. Roland explains how Jamie appeared on his radar. To be honest, there was nothing nothing at GRM that drew drew me to him. Partly because the most of the time he was at GRM was just before I was in Australia full time. But that was the way very aware of his formula Ford track record. And also at tasman, we'd watched him provide exemplary support to their number one driver at the time Jason Richards in the enduro races at sandown and bathurst. And at the time, my principal goal, then was to try and win our first bathurst. And we needed somebody who'd be great support for Craig lands. So, you know, those those were the key factors. Couch he saw that Jamie had some qualities that made it obvious to the team that he would succeed. Jaime's very easy to get along with. I mean, you know, we got along very well from the beginning. I actually knew him from when again he drove for tasman. Motor sport, which is sort of what lands Val smash sort of morph them to invent I already knew him before call it. I got to Triple H you know and look so yeah, we've always had a very close relationship as sort of friends more than more than sort of even work colleagues as such. So that made the sort of jump really easy, I guess from that point of view Mark dutton was already well established at triple 8. However, the new young gun caused a few changes in the engineering structure. It always race engineer the year before with Steve ellery. But because we had a young up and coming talent in Jaime, ludo ludo wanted to put the engineering race engineering hat back on. So I was demoted from race engineer to Dave engineer on that car. It was actually probably one of my nicest end of year performance reviews I've ever had. Because I was getting demoted there actually being nice to me and I even got a pay rise, which was, yeah, two tenths of not a lot. It's still not a lot, but pay rise is still a payroll. So yeah, finally enough it was my demotion, which was my most pleasant end of the year of you today. Craig lounge said Jamie had an approach to how he went racing, which he had seen in another successful champion. I look at Jamie and I see a lot of Mark scaping him in the sense of his mannerisms, the way that he operated in a sense of as I said, the data, all that side of it, he worked extremely hard behind the scenes with just all the small things, even to a point where still today at the beginning of every season, you know, our first test day, Jamie has to run in 5 sets of shoes. And he will never go to a racetrack with a brand new set of shoes. You'll always have to have run them, or use them. He's against he's done it, but he's against different color schemes of one off color schemes at rice weekend halfway through it because again for him. It's a mental thing in the sense of or psychological thing to change. David couchy do you work very hard, you know, behind the scenes on himself. You know, I mean, you know, not just his fitness, but he's preparation and approach to the race weekend. You know, and each driver, each driver does approach that that differently. But yeah, I just remember always remember a real real attention to detail and just not leaving any stone unturned, basically. Mark dutton was never afraid to ask a question even if it might come across as silly or obvious. So which is great, yeah. It's things that you encourage your kids to do you encourage everyone to do. But he would do it and he continues to ask those questions. So that, for me, that willingness and want to learn and improve that that was the standout from day dot. Craig lounge. He really literally understood took on board the settings of the car, the way that the team operated the philosophy of what the team had. Had.

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