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Great real quick does it does it just notified the the driver that the light is about to turn red and then you get to some twitter uh we actually urge for something what we actually do on the interface side is the best thing to do is to put up a speedometer or used the spanner the the automaker already has and we put a green arc if you go that speech you'll hit the next like green or red arc and behind that arc is another little arc it's like petrus if you go that speed you'll hit the next lightgreen so you can actually get into the green wave and just like green green some exactly what you want if you're driving on a time carter is there any as chasing cal canister angel investor and host is there any concern that you've got from municipalities that this will induce bad behavior and how do you address that in other words if i see that the lights changing in three to do i gun it and go above the speed limit to try and make it i am so glad you asked on so there are multiple answers we are right now in the middle of a study with argonne national laboratory to figure out exactly what the drivers were response to each of these various information is and what we're gonna do is ravi selena give drivers information that makes them better behaved and withhold information that makes them worse behaved and the other thing we do is whenever we had a countdown you know the lights going to be read in thirty seven seconds that canton stops at five we do not want people seeing the countdown hits zero in office go drag racing it's up to five it makes you look at the light because the only way you can really know if the lights green is you've got to look at grit let's take a final question some final question okay car.

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